Arkema, France's latest high transparent nylon list…

Arkema France recently introduced its latest Rilsan series of highly transparent nylon resins to the market. This material can be used to make thin films that can be used for single- or multi-layer decorative outermost films. Since the material does not induce light diffraction, it can achieve cr ----more

Krones developed F1 filling machine

Krones developed a new type of filling machine called the F1 filling machine. This filling machine has three major technological innovations: The first major innovation - the entire machine adopts a modular construction without a front desk design. Due to the modular construction, different cappe ----more

Analysis of Image Design Skills in Packaging, Decoratio…

2. How to deal with the issue of hierarchical density Reflective manuscripts, such as color drawings, prints, and photographs, have relatively close contrasts in the density of layers. However, the overall density and contrast of color-transmitting documents are quite different. In general, the d ----more

Zhongbao Machinery Launches ZBFB-1000 Transfer Composit…

With the rise of the green wave in the world, the Chinese tobacco market is increasingly open to the world. Responsibility for the implementation of the "Treaty on Tobacco Control Framework" on environmental protection and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials are undou ----more

Shrink film packaging machine

In terms of packaging equipment, OCME launched a Vega shrinkable film can packaging machine (packaging arrangement 3 × 2; light film); OCME shrink film packaging machine speed range from 20 to 30 packages per minute (Vega X) to every minute 60 to 150 packs (Vega S and N); products that can be ----more

Nylon packaging film processing masterbatch

【Patent Name】 Processing masterbatch for nylon packaging film 【Applicant】 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation [Inventor] Tang Chenghua; Zhang Aimin; Fu Jiaobao; Huang Bin; Zhu Zehua; Zeng Hongxia; Qingyuan [main applicant address] 414007 No.1, Dongting Avenue, Yuey ----more

Improvements related to material coating on stick wraps

[Patent Name] Improvements related to material coating on stick wrappers [Applicant] British American Tobacco (Investment) Co., Ltd. [Inventor] A.J.Bray; W.D.Louis; S.Holford [Main Application] Address] London, United Kingdom [application number] 200480011760.7 【 Application Date 】 2 ----more