The 15th China Beauty Expo opens today

[China Washing Cosmetics Network Special Reporter Hu Zuohong from Shanghai] On May 19, 2010, the 15th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) officially kicked off at the Shanghai International Expo Center. It is reported that the scale of the exhibition reached 76,000 square meters and 3,800 internation ----more

The service life of waste plastics

The service life of different plastic products is different, such as packaging materials, etc., generally 1-2 years; household appliances, clothing footwear, toy accessories, etc. for 3-5 years; electrical products, automotive components, etc. for 6-9 years; For building materials, pipes, etc., it ----more

Model life of the "hardcore" military model f…

The storage room is filled with a variety of military model materials, and the wooden cabinets of the bedrooms are opened, and all kinds of models are filled with planes, tanks, ships, old-fashioned military motorcycles... the whole of a World War II sea and land. Empty three army equipment collect ----more

Plastic bottle screen printing technology troubleshooti…

With the market's increasingly personalized requirements for packaging appearance, silk screen printing has been widely used in the plastic bottle field. This site has collected some information related to silk screen printing technology for plastic bottles. We hope that we can help more! A q ----more

Introduction to Team Leaders (9): How to deal with unex…

(IX): How to deal with unexpected problems Walking outdoors is not always smooth sailing. The risk is always with us. Whether it is hiking, climbing, rock climbing, skiing or swimming, we cannot forget the danger because of passion. The best way to respond to emergencies effectively is to ask the ----more

Rejecting skin shine 12 questions

1. Because it is necessary to wash the oil, it is not right. The skin has an automatic water-oil balance function. Excessive cleaning will remove the dirt and wash off the skin's oil. At this time, the sebaceous glands secrete more oil to replenish the oil lost due to over-cleaning, thus formin ----more

The Origin and Different Uses of Bottle Opener

The earliest bottle opener was invented in Europe in the 17th century. There are four steps to open the bottle: Cut the bottleneck, screw the bottle screw in the middle of the cork, pull the cork out of the bottle and open the cork from the bottle. Unplug the bottle. All these steps require effort ----more