Discussion on the Added Value of Packaging

Packaging is a relatively important part of a product from the development and design, production and manufacture to market sales. The success or failure of a product directly affects the trust and cognition of consumers. Packaging design is a creative job that promotes the promotion and sales of ----more

Single-dose anti-children packaging

This example is a single-dose package that prevents children from accidentally taking it. It consists of a flat elongate container with multiple cavities and a closure. Both ends of the plastic cover are designed with elastic tongues. Each cavity in the elongate box contains a single dose of drug ----more

Eastman promotes new polyester process

Eastman is currently promoting its new IntegRex polyester process. IntegRex technology is a new polyester process introduced by Eastman. This new process was first introduced to a 350,000 tonne/year polyester plant that was put into operation in Colombia in November 2006 and will be available in ----more

Relief printing ink control puts all levels together

In the letterpress printing process, the following factors are closely related to the quality of the printed ink. Correctly understanding and understanding the relationship between these factors and ink color is of great significance for accurately controlling the quality of printed ink. Correctl ----more

Synthetic Paper Application and Printing Processing

Synthetic paper is one of the fastest-growing printing materials in the print industry. It combines the durability of plastics with the printing performance of paper. It is stronger and more durable than traditional paper. The following uses Polylith Synthetic Paper as an example to introduce in d ----more

New requirements for ink properties and quality in mode…

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, modern printing equipment is developing in the direction of multi-color, multi-functionality, high-speed, linkage and automation. At the same time, color printing materials are also diversifying, and printing characteristics and traditiona ----more

Plastic solid waste disposal

The use of petroleum and coal as raw materials to produce plastic instead of natural polymer materials has undergone a difficult process. An entire generation of outstanding chemists have devoted great efforts to achieving the excellent physical and chemical properties and durability of plastics c ----more