Corrugated board printing machine automatic paper feedi…

CN2573221Y Corrugated board printing machine automatic paper feeding system consists of a printing combination structure part and a paper feeding combination structure part. A rotary encoder is mounted on the printing plate roller of the printing assembly structure, and the rotary encoder drives ----more

Seize market innovation brand packaging

For a long time, brand packaging designers and even brand owners have discovered that most consumers immediately engage in purchasing decisions when facing products. In today's oversupplying competitive market, consumers have plenty of choices when faced with products. The US Wall Street Journ ----more

Screen printing polypropylene free ink

â—†Development: Jiangsu Wuxi Hulu Printing Material Factory â—†Characteristics: This new screen printing ink is silk screened with polypropylene-free printing ink. It is made of high-grade resin, organic solvents and additives and refined by grinding. The product has moderate drying spe ----more

Device for transferring a pattern onto an object

Patent name: device patent application number for transferring a pattern to an object. X Publication number: l437714 Applicant: A device for transferring a pattern of micro or nanostructures from a stamp to an object, comprising a first contact device with a receiving surface of the stamp and a ----more

Offset Quality Control - Application of Wetting Liquids…

Nine, the test of two fountain solutions Because the conductivity of tap water is high, and the pH of pure water is low, the conductivity is 0. Therefore, the water prepared in a ratio of 3:1 is selected in this experiment. The tap water has a pH of 7.4 and a conductivity of 890us/cm; the purifi ----more

Lagar (International) American Advertising Company Sele…

Source: CGerCN Decoration Leather PU refers to the indoor surface with a flexible material to decorate the wall decoration, it uses the material soft texture, soft colors, to smooth the overall space atmosphere, the depth of the three-dimensional sense can also enhance the home grade. ----more

Bundle art for book packaging

As a cultural commodity, books must pay attention to "packaging." The cover design first gives people a visual experience, which is very important, like the overture of a music piece. The prelude of a drama clearly or implicitly reflects the contents and characteristics of the book. Howe ----more