Characteristics of panel air conditioner filter and bag…

In terms of structural differences, air conditioning filters can be mainly divided into: panel air conditioning filters and bag air conditioning filters Panel air conditioner filter features: 1. The outer frame is sturdy and detachable: it adopts a sturdy plate-type aluminum alloy frame with alu ----more

Human P53-Ab ELISA Kit

Human P53-Ab ELISA Kit For the quantitative in vitro determination of Human P53 autoantibodies concentrations in serum - plasma - celiac fluid - tissue homogenate - body fluid FOR LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES. This package insert must be read in The ELISA kit is ----more

Standard Specification for Requirements and Measurement…

JJF1101-2003 "Environmental Test Equipment Temperature and Humidity Calibration Specification" defines the uniformity of temperature: the difference between the temperature of each test point in the working space of the high and low temperature damp heat test chamber under steady state. ----more

Novida, a healthy home - spring special

Novida, as the leader of Korean healthy living appliances, has always been in sync with the history of Korean lifestyle. In 2015, Novida continued to lead the Korean toilet seat industry with its excellent quality and perfect after-sales service for the tenth time in the Korean Smart Seat Cover Fir ----more

[Alice recommended] orders stand by minus 100 yuan! SUU…

Compact shape, comfortable to wear, adjustable wrist strap length, replaceable battery. Suunto Extension 3 Bluetooth heart rate belt wear comfortable, convenient and practical! Monitor heart rate and calorie consumption to facilitate the scientific and rational arrangement of exercise plans. ----more

Common in-mold label new material inventory

BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("858283"); This kind of packaging method of in-mold labeling is not only closely related to the printing and packaging container production process, it even connects the links involved in the whole package (including the label design), so it needs coordination of all ----more

Production analysis of Na-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl este…

English name: BAEE; Na-Benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester hydrochloride; Bz-Arg-OEt?HCl Other names: -Na-benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester CAS number: 2645-08-1C15H22N4O3 ? HCl =342.82 Grade: BR content: ≥98.0% Melting point: 126~130°C (melting range 2°C) Specific optical rotation: -15.5ï ----more