Studying Chinese Packaging Design with "Unity of Heaven and Man"

Abstract : Starting from the traditional imagery symbols in China, this paper explores the symbolic significance of packaging design for the application of these images. From the application of these graphics, we can feel the application of China's concept of "combination of man and nature" in oriental packaging design. For example, "square, round, gourd-shaped, square shape, hieroglyphics, calligraphy characters" and other graphic elements. Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of composition, styling, and graphic elements in most of China's traditional packaging designs is deeply influenced by the concept of “harmony between man and nature”, which is a fit of national cultural psychological structure.

Keywords: Heaven and man in one; radius structure; gourd culture; cultural integration

Packaging, as the name implies, has the function of "package" and "installation". In the modern sense. Packaging is for the convenience of protection of goods and for ease of transport (utility functions); secondly. Packaging is to make the appearance of the goods more beautiful (esthetic function); secondly, to make packaging conducive to environmental protection, energy conservation (green packaging). Therefore, clarifying the packaging can increase more added value for the goods and clear the obstacles for the goods on the road of symbolized consumption. However, there is a huge difference between East and West packaging in terms of the style and style of "packages" and "packaging." As a typical representative of the Oriental packaging: China and Japan's packaging, especially with distinctive national characteristics known to the world. Here, the author makes a certain discussion on the influence of the idea of ​​"Heaven and Man Oneness" on Oriental packaging.

1 original oriental packaging

The Tao Te Ching Day: “Great Roads, Great Places, Great Places, and Great People. There are four major schools in the country, and people live in one place. They are heavens and heavens, earth and heaven, heaven and law, and nature. "Humanized nature and natural humanization thoughts in China's Lao-Zhuang ideology have been embodied in Chinese packaging. In the fight against nature, the primitive people made groups of leaves, woven straws, baked foods and eaten in mud, which can be used as the origin of oriental packaging. It has been around 7,000 years ago. As far as the grass, leaves, and soil used by the primitive people are concerned, it reflects the close relationship between humankind and nature. The totem worship of ancient humans embodied in the hibiscus tree in the ancient book Shan Hai Jing also reflects the relationship between ancient humans and nature. Humans ask for nature. And should return to nature, the naturalization of oriental packaging, "the unity of heaven and man" in the modern packaging design everywhere. It is a typical representative of today's environmental protection design, and also embodies the connotation of "modern best packaging design is no packaging". See Figure 1 (mainly made of wood for packaging materials, taken from natural sources. Very close to the senses, another rope is also taken from the natural, with the natural mix of wood). "Health Food Gift Box" is used as a green food package. Bamboo is a natural material used for packaging. China's "Guining eats no meat, can't live without bamboo," the gentleman's bamboo, while accompanied by the gentleman's style, has completed the unique Oriental Huiyun of mutual transformation and blending among users, creators, and commodities. True. As original people in the original packaging, they are unconscious and do not think of the aesthetic implications. But it is precisely this way that allows us to glimpse the essence of natural packaging.

2 Symbols of Oriental Packaging Unite with Heaven and Man

In modern packaging design, all the symbols and symbols are used to express the quality and characteristics of products. Among them, the symbols of Oriental culture all include the idea of ​​unity between man and nature. For example, in the Chinese moon cake packaging design, the typical symbols are "mouth" and 0. According to legend, when Chinese ancestors came to know the world, they thought that the sky was round and kept moving. The ground was square, motionless, heaven and earth. Together, this world is formed by chemical synthesis, and the pattern of the circle is the view of the heavens and the earth in the East, and later it evolved into an ancient coin shape.Therefore, it has more extensive meanings—a symbol of abundance and prosperous prosperity; from a folk custom, the circle symbolizes perfection and unity. The square symbolizes reproduction, the oyster's gate, and the birth of all creatures; from the perspective of Chinese Confucian personality, the outer circle is square: the outer is extremely communicative and sleek, octahedral, intrinsically extremely rigid and unyielding, and perseverance. Christian culture is widely divergent, and therefore the rectangular structure used in packaging and decorating has a profound aesthetic meaning in composition.Second, the use of letter symbols, the expression of calligraphy style.Since Chinese characters were created, calligraphy was born.The calligraphy here is based on manual writing. The imprint left by the interaction with the written matter, which has the recognizable textual function as a book. The result is that the concept of astronomical phenomena was acquired and taken from nature, such as “fire”, “sun”, “month”, etc., all of which have implications for earlier humans’ significance in the struggle and mutual exchanges and imitations with nature. Talking about the combination of calligraphy and packaging, calligraphy calls for a potential and an atmosphere, which means that words and characters, between lines and lines, are required to be natural, coherent, and disconnected. With the nature, the heart and hands are both smooth, and the seal, as the stonework, is criss-crossed, and is white and black, and it is exquisitely refined between the square and the inch.Thus, in packaging and decorating, the packaging works with Chinese calligraphy titles and seals are better than the packaging works. All of them are Japanese packaging is very familiar in this regard.Oriental packaging and decoration with its unique oriental symbol of implication, accompanied by modern techniques and colors, making the style both national and modern, the unique value of its aesthetic is self-evident, Embodies the oriental people's integrated cultural ideas.

3 Structural Implications in Packaging Design and Integration

The packaging entity, as a practical product of man, embodies the creator-human practice. Heaven and Earth were originally integrated. Fuxi and Nunnery brothers and sisters fled in the gourd to escape the water, leaving only two people, so it is necessary to integrate into one, merge together, form a Pangu, began to create everything in heaven and earth. In the north, Pangu evolved into a catch doll. China is a mythical country. In his understanding of civil identity, everyone is God, and everyone is the creator. He once again interpreted the humanistic spirit of "the four kingdoms in the country and the people living in it." Deep-rooted in the mind. Using this idea to understand certain packaging structures in China, its psychological state has entered another realm. For example, some of the structures in Chinese packaging can be opened as if they were a door, with doors and nails. The designer has transformed into the role of the Creator. He created the door and created a complete universe. Through the opening of the door, the user is transformed into exploring the mysteries of the universe and creating a double identity of the owner. In the process of opening, through the intrinsic display of things. The world is exposed in the field of vision and completes the transformation and interaction of the things I interact with. The connotation of harmony between man and nature runs through them. Therefore, as a nationalization of the packaging structure, many take the opportunity of creating "doors", and the structure of its shape is symmetrical, which coincides with the structure of "doors." In the design of Chinese wine packaging, there are pot-shaped, altar-shaped, tripod-shaped, gourd-shaped, these styles are profoundly meaningful, ancient Chinese gourd culture, this is to j. The upper part of the shape is a symbol of heaven and sympathy with the heavens. At the bottom is the land for the mother and the middle for the belly. It symbolizes the integration of all things and lives endlessly. Therefore, Chinese consumers have an incomparably intimate relationship with the symbols of ancient sculptures. There is a constant feeling of renunciation, which can be referred to as Chinese-style modeling for the time being, such as the small loft wine produced in Sichuan, and the utensil style design of the Chinese township altar packed with wine, which contains a strong ideological element of the unity between man and nature.

4 Integration of Chinese Packaging and Human Integration

The idea of ​​integrating with heaven and man in packaging design is how to be followed by market research. With the enterprise CIS system, packaging concept, packaging materials, packaging structure, packaging and decorating, as well as packaging and promotion environment, how to organically combine, here is a thought of integrating heaven and man reflected in the case of packaging design integration, as shown in Figure 2, folk packaging "five Food packaging design. From the perspective of food category, it belongs to a rural folk food processing enterprise that belongs to folk food. From the perspective of conception, it can be taken from the strong atmosphere of rural flavor. In the packaging material, the inner leaf is used as the inner leaf, and the outer leaf is the bamboo. These two types of materials do not require industrial processing and are purely natural. More in line with the requirements of today's green food, packaging, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, as a packaging material of bamboo. More profound aesthetic significance, namely the gentleman's bamboo. What's more important is that bamboo and loquat leaves have a strong sense of intimacy. In the countryside, bamboo can be found everywhere and easy to process, while eucalyptus forests are even more planted. From the packaging structure point of view, it adopts a D-tap shape similar to D. This shape is a symbol of the sky of ancient humans. From a spatial point of view, it is a vessel that encloses rice dumplings and is also a small universe. Body. Therefore, this volume shell shape has completed the construction of the folk consciousness of Chinese culture. Judging from the weaving mechanism of bamboo strips, each of its holes is a shape that is a hexadecimal concept in China's number, and also reflects the unique mathematical characteristics of Chinese people. Once again, the inside leaves are wrapped in natural wraps, shaped as small triangular pyramids, and the leaves are bound with small straw ropes. It is both primitive and simple, fresh and natural. The entire structure also reflects the unique construction of Chinese culture. From the decorating point of view, only black-and-white color blocks and gold and yellow libretto inscriptions were used. First examine the colors, use three types of Chinese folk colors: yellow, black, and red. Yellow represents wealth, symbolizing the deconstruction of imperial power by users or consumers. From the name “Wu Liang Ke”, the use of Han Li, full fonts, a symbol of history and long-term, Alice models using script, but also reflects the natural, comfortable feeling. From the above analysis, the deconstruction of Wuliangyu's packaging, the author's integration of packaging orientation, material, structure, and decorating styles, contains a deep understanding of the "Heaven and Man's Unity" approach and implications. To sum up, China's packaging design and integration of man and nature in addition to the designer has a higher cultural heritage requirements, but also requires the designer in the nationalization of a highly conscious packaging design. Because, as the deep cultural structure of consumers, the mother culture with thousands of years of accumulation fosters this group of consumers. Consumption is both a long-term behavior and a short-term behavior. The French theoretical critic Danner said that the distinction between good and bad works of art is objectively the depth of its deep cultural structure. The greater the depth, the greater the degree of influence. Fashion works within a certain period of time will certainly disappear with the passage of time. Therefore, the packaging design as an artistic design is also similar. However, the Chinese culture of “Heaven and Man” is implanted as a deep cultural factor in the Chinese nation. Therefore, for the extended group, it is certain that there will be deep recognition of such art. As for some of these packaging design works must be accepted, the same day can also be successful.

As a high-intensity industry, packaging design is only a small branch of its exploration of "combination of nature and humanity." Its broader design connotation remains to be studied and practiced in more detail.

Source: Packaging Engineering Jiang Jiahua Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College