Makeup tips quickly draw party makeup

Going to work to go to the party after work, how can you paint a party! Today, 360 Cosmetics Network Xiaobian brings you six makeup tips to teach you how to quickly draw party makeup!
Party makeup makeup tips quick makeup single eyelid big eye makeup
Makeup Tip One: Single eyelids can also draw big eye makeup
1. First draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes with black eyeshadow.
2. Use the silver sequin eyeliner of the same color to draw the same width of the eyeliner on the black eyeliner.
3. Eye makeup is complete.
Makeup Tip 2: 2 seconds blooming eye shadow method
1. Take the eye shadow brush and take it in the middle of the eyelashes to ensure that it can be brushed to the upper and lower eyelids. 2. Open your eyes and check that the small smoke has been completed.
Makeup Tips 3: Quick Finger Makeup
When you are in a hurry, the quickest way is to use your fingers to apply eye shadow to the eyelids.
Makeup Tip 4: Cat Eyeliner
Can't draw up the eyeliner of the cat's eyeliner? You can do it with an auxiliary tool! For example, put the bottle of mascara on the end of the eye, put it at a suitable angle, and draw it along the bottle with an eyeliner. It is easy to draw. .
Makeup Tip 5: Lipstick Multi Usage
In addition to painting the lips, lipstick can also be used as blush, lightly spot them on the cheekbones, and smudge them with your hands.
Makeup Tips Six: Quickly Roll
1. Combing a ponytail. 2. Divide the ponytail into several pieces and use a curling iron to make a roll. 3. Spread your hair and you're done.

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