Eosin blue agar (EMB medium)

The company's products have microbial dry powder medium: common medium and chromogenic medium for all bacteria such as total bacteria, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, mold yeast, Listeria. Welcome to inquire order: [Yihongmei blue agar (EMB medium) modified sorbitol MacKangkai agar additive biochemical tube guinea pig HGFelisa kit rat EGFelisa kit human sCKRelisa kit human HBFelisa kit pig AChRabelisa kit rat TGF- 11elisa kit for pantifying soybean-fast green agar medium for producing rat CAMelisa kit mouse SPelisa kit for human 5-HTelisa kit disposable finished medium products: blood agar plate, nutrient agar plate, Yihongmei Blue plate, SS plate, MacConkey plate, TSA plate, Shabolo glucose agar plate, chromogenic medium plate; disposable tube culture medium: lactose bile salt tube culture medium/10ML, thioglycolate tube culture Base / 50ML, modified Martin tube culture medium / 50ML, etc. Microbial biochemical tube: biochemical tube of Escherichia coli, biochemical tube of Salmonella, etc. [Ihongmei blue agar (EMB medium) manufacturers also have elisa kit, immunization group Kit, culture medium, antibody, standard and other products; high repeatability; high reliability; purchase ELISA kit, free proxy; Elisa kit technical service Requirements: professional, standardized and efficient bio-sharp wide to provide more and more whole, better products and technical services please contact us.!

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