What is the original liquid? How to use the original liquid?

What is the original liquid? How to use the original liquid?
We often hear people say that girls should use the stock solution after they are 25 years old, but what kind of liquid is the stock solution? Do you know?
What is the original liquid?
Original liquid refers to the original added to the normal beauty products, can be said to be concentrated essence, the concentration of maintenance ingredients is higher! For the same ingredient, the original solution is better than the essence, giving the skin a more concentrated and powerful maintenance, so that the skin can return to the best condition in a short time! In addition, the stock solution can quickly condition the skin and improve skin problems. The sooner the maintenance is, the older the girl is. After the girl is 25 years old, she must use the original liquid. Although the skin does not seem to have any problem, but at the age of 40, the difference will come out.
How to use the original liquid: the correct use of the original liquid
The order of use is: cleansing - toner - stock solution (full Face). First wash your face, use the toner, do not dry your face, drop a drop to the tiger's mouth, then use your fingers to touch the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin 5 points, lick your face, the toner is not dry, press Push away, don't worry about not enough absorption, this is esterified, especially fine, one drop is enough to pull, of course, the face of a large mm can use a large drop.
Stock quality
Raw material origin: The environment and climate of different regions determine the species and spleen of different plants, which makes each plant have an optimal origin, and the origin of the raw material determines the quality of the pure extract.


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