What should I pay attention to when cleaning with ultrasonic waves?

What should I pay attention to when cleaning with ultrasonic?

Now there is a new technology in the cleaning industry, which uses ultrasonic technology to clean. The emergence of this technology has brought great results to various industries, and what should be paid attention to during the ultrasonic cleaning process?

(1) When the ultrasound appears to be damp. This phenomenon first uses a megohmmeter to check the inside to see if the two extremes are problematic. If there is a problem, the parts must be unloaded first, and then dried to ensure that the parts have no moisture. It solves the problem of getting wet.

(2) The problem of fragmentation of ultrasonic waves. The first step is still to check with a megohmmeter. Generally, there is a problem with the vibrator inside. To solve this method, the vibrator that is not damaged should be disconnected. If the bad one does not affect the normal use of other vibrators, then re-use it. Replace the problem.

(3) The phenomenon of degumming of the vibrator occurs. This problem is generally very complicated. When the degumming does not take place for a long time, it will be degummed again. In order to ensure that the next time there is no such problem, the machine should be sent back to the manufacturer for solution, and then do not hit the vibration during the use. It can be.

(4) The phenomenon of perforation in vibration. The phenomenon of this perforation is caused by the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating surface of the stainless steel plate for a long time, and this is generally caused by the use of the problem for several years. If this problem occurs, it can only explain its service life. Already, only reinstall a new one, so as to ensure that the problem is solved.

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