Chengdu Furniture Fair: boosting the industry into the ranks of “100 billion”

Chengdu Furniture Fair: boosting the industry into the ranks of “100 billion”

After a half-month boiling, on July 15, the fifteenth Chengdu Furniture Fair came to an end.

Without a moment of stay, Yang Guangrong, deputy general manager of Southern Home Furnishing Co., took a total of up to 20 million yuan of on-site orders and walked out of the exhibition hall to return to the base. This valuable order, equivalent to one-quarter of the company's annual output value, is already roaring. Landing in the factory.

Statistics show that the Chengdu Furniture Fair, which was born in 2000, started from zero. The scale of the exhibition and the transaction amount soared year by year. The transaction amount of this year's site has exceeded 12 billion yuan.

Directly driven by the furniture exhibition, the province's furniture industry began to exert its strength from around 2002. It changed its previous trend and developed at an average annual growth rate of 20%. By 2013, the annual output value of Sichuan furniture industry exceeded 850. 100 million yuan, exports increased from less than 23 million US dollars in 2006 to 1.12 billion US dollars, only the number of furniture companies in Chengdu exceeded 5,000, driving more than 600,000 jobs.

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