Health products bottles need to reshape the image

Health product bottle packaging has only focused on face and rarely pay attention to internal problems. There is an over-packaging phenomenon in the health product bottle packaging. However, in terms of consumer experience and word-of-mouth, although health product bottle packaging has always maintained high costs, it has not been well evaluated.

As a health product bottle packaging, we believe that we must start from the positioning of health care products for consumers, and health care products bottles produced according to the health care product consumers' demands will be reasonable and effective. At present, the health care products industry has been distrusted by consumers because it exaggerates the efficacy of products. The health products industry is facing a crisis of confidence. As the first medium for communication between health products and consumers, it is absolutely necessary to make changes and efforts for the current problems of health products. In the past, the extravagant and exaggerated health product bottle packaging style will only give people the impression that this health care product is sturdy. Returning to the packaging nature, the image of consumers favored in the packaging of health products bottles, close to the consumer, more plain appearance is obviously more in line with the market.

At the same time, there is obviously much room for improvement in the humanization of health products bottles. Future health products bottle must distinguish between different market categories such as children and the elderly. Different consumer groups have different habits for health product bottle packaging, and they need to make targeted improvements.

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