Summer is coming, good shower 4 simple and attractive shower rooms

At present, there are more and more shower room products on the market, and the styles are more and more novel, but the price is rising day by day. Many consumers in need are discouraged from the expensive shower rooms on the market. Four overall shower room price recommendations and overall shower room price references , recommend real products for you, so that you can easily buy high-quality stylish shower rooms.

1. Kang Lida 9600 overall shower room

Brand : Clean Dell / Kang Lida

Model: 9600

Shape: arc fan

The overall shower room price: RMB 2200 — 3520 yuan

Size: 950 * 950 * 2100mm

Product description: The overall shower room is made of white paint aluminum with unique shape, white acrylic back, and the whole is clean and refreshing.

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Ocean Shower Room A10 Series HD99 Luxury Diamond Shower Room

Qijia Group Buy

Promotion price: 1380 yuan / square

Market price: 1680 yuan / square

Has been sold: 0 square

product review:

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Teana A31

Qijia Group Buy

Promotion price: 2980 yuan / set

Market price: 4413 yuan / set

Has been sold: 0 sets

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2. Ai Ge Family E-BG31 high-end bathroom shower room 3C tempered glass

Brand: Ai Ge Family

Model: E-BG31

Shape: arc fan

The overall shower room price: ¥ 2450 — 2792 yuan

Size: 1200X900X1900mm

Product description: The sliding door of this overall shower room is designed with ABS track pulleys, the steel bearings are used inside, and the outside is covered with soft rubber. Happy.

3. Ou Lusha bathroom new product W88102 integral steam shower room

Brand: Oulusha

Model: W88102

Shape: rectangular

The overall shower room price: RMB 4984-6764 yuan

Size: 1100 * 800 * 2200mm

Product description: This integral steam shower room is designed with one-piece top spray and two water outlet methods. The well-designed handle is very convenient to open and close. The built-in towel rack and six sets of back spray nozzles are used for back massage to effectively relieve fatigue.

4 、 Baige Earl shower room 1107 all stainless steel overall shower room

Brand: Baige

Model: Earl Shower Room 1107

Shape: square type

The price of this overall shower room: ¥ 1380 — 1580 yuan

Size: 800 * 1200 * 1850mm

Product description: The glass of this overall steam shower room uses automobile-grade high-strength explosion-proof glass. The 304 stainless steel skeleton has excellent corrosion resistance, better acid and alkali resistance, and good oxidation resistance.

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Lance shower room Helen P21

Mall price: 959 yuan / square

Market price: 1090 yuan / square

Has been sold: 2 square

product review:

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