Exquisite cloakroom decoration design depicts the woman's dream blueprint

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] has an oversized cloakroom, which is the dream of a woman in the world. The cloakroom is a life attitude, the cloakroom is a narcissistic way, and the cloakroom is a social form... It gathers your tastes, preferences, wealth and ambitions, and it is also a place where you feel satisfied and happy. If women want to build a cloakroom at home, the design needs to be thoughtful.

Cloakroom decoration design effect picture 1

Cloakroom decoration design renderings

In fact, the design of the cloakroom is relatively simple. It is only necessary to separate the cabinet into different compartments. In the figure, the design of the cloakroom is built at the corner of a room. This has the advantage of making full use of space. Sometimes we don't have extra rooms in our house. We can only install such a cloakroom in the bedroom. It is a wise move to save space.

Cloakroom decoration design effect picture two

Cloakroom renovation

If your room is big enough, then we can choose a separate room to use as a cloakroom. This is much easier to design in terms of design. The general cloakroom is embedded in the wall, and many families also like this style of decoration, which looks stylish and elegant. As you can see from the picture, he also designed a conjoined shoe cabinet, so it is more convenient when we wear clothes.

Cloakroom decoration design effect picture three

Cloakroom design

In our bedroom, the space is small. If you want to have a cloakroom, you can't buy a wardrobe to put it at home. As you can see in the picture above, the design on the left is the wardrobe and the one on the right is the compartment of the scarf hat. The closet is built according to the wall, and there is a little more space on the right side. It's a good idea to use this gap to make a partition like this, and we can get it when we go out every day.

In summary, the cloakroom design should pay attention to the following points:

1. Fair lighting design

2. The quality of hardware accessories

3. Focus on storage function

4. Moisture-proof and mildew-proof technical measures

5. People-oriented, starting from ergonomics

6. Space utilization and usage ratio.

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