Lose weight must know which exercise is best for you

    Want to lose weight, weight loss exercise is a must, but weight loss exercise can not be carried out blindly, each person's physique is different. So choose a weight loss exercise that suits you, so that you can slim down more effectively. So, which weight loss exercise is best for you ? How can I exercise better to lose weight ? Let's take a look at it.

     1. People who are thin, have insufficient strength, and have low fat content.

    You should slowly exercise your basic physical strength, gradually strengthen your muscle strength, endurance and body softness, and participate in aerobic exercise such as running and swimming. Thin people should pay special attention to diet. You should take more protein-rich foods to increase your muscles, improve your physical fitness, and get more vitamins.


    2 , people who are overweight, have high fat content, and have low muscle content.

    Due to the small amount of muscle, this type of people will have a lower protective effect on the joints. Even if the joints are not abnormal, they should avoid climbing, climbing stairs, skipping ropes, etc. This type of group should have more swimming, brisk walking and other sports, can consume fat, and can also reduce the chance of joint damage.


     3 , people with normal weight, but high body fat content.

    More aerobic exercise is indispensable, so you can consume more fat. It should be noted that this group of people should also strengthen their strength training, because strength exercise can improve their basal metabolic rate and reduce fat accumulation.


     About aerobics and strength training

    The intensity of aerobic exercise can be known by the speed of heart rate. We can measure the heart rate per minute by touching the radial artery. The intensity of exercise should decrease with age. The simplest calculation method is 170- age, which is yours. The intensity of exercise that needs to be achieved. If the heart rate is too low, the exercise effect will decrease, and if the heart rate is too high, the body load will be too large. It should be noted that the beginners start from low intensity and avoid excessive exercise.

    The intensity of strength training is determined by the weight of the load, the number of sports groups, and the number of movements per group. It is recommended that the first-timer first improve muscle endurance, and the movement starts from small intensity, low group number, multiple times, gradually increase the weight, and increase the number of groups. , reduce the number of times to about 10 .


    The time of aerobic exercise is generally 20-60 minutes. If the time is too short, it will not consume enough energy, and the effect of reducing fat will be reduced. If the time is too long, it will affect the recovery of physical strength. A movement three hours, as every one hour of exercise three times. The choice of length of exercise depends on whether you exercise regularly. If you start exercising, it is recommended that you start from 15 minutes.

    The exercise frequency is recommended to be performed at least 3 times a week in order to achieve better results in fat consumption, body strength and heart and lung function. It is recommended that the beginners exercise once every other day, and then change to a two-day break for two days after two weeks to let the body gradually adapt to avoid sudden movements that make the body unable to eat.

    In short, no matter what kind of exercise we perform, we must choose different ways, intensity, time and frequency of exercise according to the age, physical condition and health status of the individual, and then proceed step by step.

    Exercise can lose weight, but when choosing a weight loss exercise, you should choose the weight loss exercise that suits you best. Only by choosing the right weight loss exercise can you slim down more effectively.


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