Performance Features of PVC Sports Floor

1, antibacterial

PVC sports floor itself has the natural characteristics of not easily growing bacteria; PVC floor has been treated with antibacterial treatment and surface PUR anti-pollution treatment, in which added fungicide, such as iodine components, with enhanced bactericidal effect and anti-pollution effect, a variety of microorganisms is difficult Grow on its surface, such as: mold, Candida albicans, algae bacteria, mucormycosis, etc., in line with hospitals, GMP workshops and other public places with high antibacterial requirements.


2, slip resistance

Under the partial pressure of PVC sports floor, it will produce instantaneous elastic deformation and increase the coefficient of friction of the floor, and it is difficult to slip when walking. The surface of hard materials is hard and smooth, and its friction coefficient u is only 1/3 of that of PVC, making it easier to slip.

3, noise protection

The elastic PVC sports floor has anti-noise effect. When the person and the cart pass, the noise can be reduced by 10-15 dB compared with the hard material under the same conditions.

4, feeling comfortable

Feet close to the carpet, quite comfortable; and walking on hard materials, poor foot feel, long walk easily sore, damage to the footbone;

5, wear resistance

Wear-resistant layer - European standard is 0.7mm (China has no strict requirements for PVC floor wear layer). Residual Indentation - European Standard: Error Degree

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