Yi Erzhuo portable physical exhibition stand gradually replaced the traditional physical exhibition stand

With the advancement of the times and the continuous development of education in China, the traditional physical exhibition stand has been unable to meet the requirements of small footprint, easy to carry and operate. Now Beijing Zhixing Ruiyu has developed a portable physical exhibition stand according to this requirement, which meets The requirements of the majority of teachers have added new colors to the teaching classrooms in China.

How is it different from the traditional physical booth?

1. Light weight and easy to carry

Analog projectors are large and heavy, and have many inconveniences. EZ CAM-300 is a foldable physical projector, which is compact and easy to carry (volume is 10 * 20 * 17cm).

2. High definition, auto focus function

Although the EZ CAM-300 is connected to a computer, the clarity will not decrease. The physical projectors of other companies do not have the zoom function of auto focus and mouse wheel scrolling, but EZ CAM-300 makes up for this shortcoming. The zoom and auto focus functions are simplified, and the shortcut key (F5) can be used to adjust the focus function .

3. As long as the teaching materials are irradiated, the demonstration will be performed automatically

EZ CAM-300 is an intelligent physical projector. The biggest difference from the previous physical projector is that EZ CAM-300 is used in the most advanced image recognition field. Before the demonstration, after entering the content of the teaching material into EZ CAM-300, during the class, the corresponding page is illuminated, and the actual projector will automatically run the prepared content.

4. Not only has the function of a physical projector, but also has the function of shooting videos and photos in real time

It not only has the function of a physical projector, but also has the function of taking videos and photos in real time. It can take and store videos of live events, and can be used as data recycling.

5. Use the mouse to zoom in, zoom out and move the picture freely

The mouse wheel can zoom in / out the picture freely, and the mouse can drag and move the picture freely.

6. Can be directly written on the physical projector, convenient electronic drawing board function

Built-in independent electronic drawing board function, you can directly write marks on the projection screen, no need to prepare another screen for writing. Therefore, the presentation is convenient and effective. EZ CAM-300 is the most suitable physical exhibition stand with electronic drawing board software.

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