Central South University's 76 million neutron spectrum instrument research project

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China held an initiation meeting of the National Major Scientific Research Instrument and Equipment Development Project "Development of Materials and Components Deep Stress Fields and Defect Non-destructive Detection of Neutron Spectrometers" at Central South University Liming, the deputy director of the Engineering and Materials Science Department and the leader of the project management working group.

Gao Ruiping, Deputy Director of the National Fund Committee, Meng Xianping, Director of the Planning Bureau of the National Fund Committee, Lei Chaozi, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, Jiang Yuwen, Chief Engineer of the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province, Academician Tan Jianrong and Luo Jianbin, Experts of the Project Management Working Group of the Fund Committee, Academician Nan Cewen, an expert in the project supervision group of the Ministry of Education, Vice President Liu Weiping, China Academy of Atomic Energy Science, and Gao Wenbing and Zhou Kechao, school leaders, attended the meeting.

The "Development of Neutron Spectrometer for Deep Stress Field and Defect Non-destructive Detection of Materials and Components" project is based on Central South University and China Academy of Atomic Energy participated in the project, with a funding of 76 million yuan and a project period of 5 years. The project will develop a neutron spectrometer for deep stress field and defect nondestructive detection of materials and components in five years. It is used to detect the deep residual stress field and macroscopic stress field of materials / components, component damage defects and surrounding stress fields, and the corresponding forces of material composition. , Serve in material design, component and material integration design and manufacturing and scientific evaluation of service performance, conditions guarantee for safe operation of major equipment, etc .; explore the internal stress state and its interaction and change, cyclic stress between the phases of multi-phase materials The scientific law of the damage formation mechanism and evolution of materials / components under the action.

Deputy Director Gao Ruiping and Deputy Director Lei Zhaozi emphasized that the neutron spectrometer project is the first batch of major instrument special projects approved by the Funding Department of Engineering and Materials Science, and hopes that Central South University and the Institute of Atomic Energy will work closely together to actively promote the project. Implementation.

Gao Wenbing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Central South University, said: The project has a great effect on the school ’s disciplines. I thank the National Fund Committee for its support to Central South University and promised to do good project management and services in accordance with the requirements of the National Fund Committee. Together, the Institute will provide support and support in human, financial and material aspects.

Academician Zhong Di, the project leader, on behalf of the project team, reported in detail to the fund committee, the leaders of the Ministry of Education and the expert group the overall planning of the project, the key scientific and technical problems to be solved, the research content and specific work arrangements, and the division of tasks. The Fund Committee Project Management Working Group and the Ministry of Education Supervision Group and the participating leaders and experts questioned the project work plan and visited the experimental site, inspecting the working environment and technical support conditions.

Experts and leaders of the project management working group and supervision group conducted serious discussions around the project plan and plan, and agreed that the project has great scientific significance and engineering significance, and the working basis and working conditions are good. The Central South University team has long-term research on the manufacture of high-performance materials and components and equipment, combined with aviation components to explore and study the generation, development and evolution of internal stress in the process of manufacturing and service. 3. Rich experience in research on mechanism motion modeling and precise positioning control; China Academy of Atomic Energy has a high-throughput research reactor device, which provides a prerequisite for the construction of the project ’s instruments. In the neutron optical theory, neutron transmission and detection element He has profound research and development in the development of devices and the design and construction of radiation shielding systems, and has extensive experience in international cooperation in the construction of neutron spectrometers. Central South University and China Academy of Atomic Energy complement each other with strengths and strengths, and fully integrate the existing relevant resources and research teams to ensure the in-depth interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation and smooth implementation of this project, which provides a guarantee for the development of the spectrometer. The project has clear objectives, reasonable content, advanced indicators, and a feasible overall implementation plan. It is unanimously agreed to start the project.

Chief Engineer Jiang Yuwen, Vice President Liu Weiping, and Director Meng Xianping said at the meeting that they will work together with Central South University to make full use of the research foundation, research conditions and experience of neutron sources and neutron optics to complete the neutron with quality and quantity Spectrometer development task. Central South University Central South University Central South University Central South University

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