【Educational Solution】 —— School History Museum Exhibition Display Solution

System Overview:

Multimedia digital school history museum interactive exhibition hall solution. By creatively covering all aspects from the welcome reception at the entrance, the explanation display in the experience hall, the environmental tour of each specific exhibition area, and the departure after the viewing, a new immersive and interactive exhibition visit experience was created to improve the guests The interest in viewing and exploring has become the innovative first choice for modern campus digital multimedia exhibitions.


l Paperless distribution: All the on-site display materials can be shared in the cloud. Based on the WeChat function, users can browse all the beautifully packed data resources through their mobile phones.

l IoT architecture: All equipment in the field environment are all controllable in series, creating a multi-screen interactive interactive site.

l Digital interaction: Information, display equipment, and interpreters can be connected to each other using terminals, and valuable information can be called at any time to remotely display and explain, making the presentation easier.

l Enhanced browsing: combining dynamic and static to explore the touching story behind the exhibition.

l Humanized service: Guests from entering to the scene to browse, listen to and leave the scene all bring guests a thoughtful interactive experience.

l Intelligent induction: Guests can experience the mutual interaction between people and the environment through the intelligent induction interactive screen during the tour.

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