Medicine bottle packaging also becomes an overkill for pharmaceutical packaging

High drug prices have always been pointed out. Among them, many issues such as the over-luxury and flashy packaging of pharmaceutical bottles have become one of the issues that many people point to. What are the problems with medical bottle packaging? Let us analyze it.

First, there is a problem with the number of medicines in pharmaceutical bottle packaging. Some medical bottle packaging is normal. If we open the medical bottle cap, we will find that there are very few drugs inside. This makes consumers find it a monetization markup. Therefore, to strengthen the supervision of pharmaceutical bottle packaging, it is necessary to make a corresponding provision for the number of pharmaceutical products packaged by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Second, some medical products increase the sales price by making a fuss about the medical bottle and creating the speciality of the medical product. For example, some medicine bottles only need to be packaged in plastic bottles with color in order to avoid light. Manufacturers may replace them with metal or glass packaging to increase the price of medicines.

For these problems in the packaging of pharmaceutical bottles, we hope to strengthen the improvement and supervision.

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