How do sofas add to the living room?

The bag is the best decoration of the sofa, no matter what style, as long as it is properly matched, it can play a finishing touch for the sofa. For the simple style of the sofa to cleverly match the bag, not only can make the sofa glow, but also create new highlights for the living room.

1, single sofa to create a warm and gentle leisure corner

Color rule: similar inductive soft vision

The advanced light gray is the basic color that can be matched with any color. To create a soft and comfortable environment, you can choose a warm color with a low purity to match the bag. Warm tones can enhance the indoor warmth index, while proper medium grayness can alleviate visual fatigue.

In terms of color ratio, it should be noted that although warm colors can warm the environment, excessive use can cause "hot" mentality. If you want to create a soft and comfortable environment, it is recommended not to use a lot of warm colors with strong saturation, but to use a gray warm color with a certain gray component. The gray color of the big face will also create a dull feeling. In any case, leave some white space for this space so that the eyes can be "breathable".

Matching essentials: a unified style of soft light source

The fabric single sofa and the cotton and linen texture give a comfortable and relaxing feeling. Replacing the original white light source with a soft warm light source is also a good reflection of the relaxed mind. In the aspect of collocation, we should emphasize the integration and unification, and the color and material should be unified at the same time, which can create a truly comfortable space.

The finishing touch: breaking the conventional clever accessories

A glass vase with a cool color and a cold material does not directly break the original warmth. The blue pattern on the bag echoes it, and the pattern is a deformed floral pattern, which is exactly the same as the phalaenopsis in the vase. correspond.

2, rattan sofa black and white red to create fashion dynamic

Color rule: stretching level to pursue dynamic

Using a relatively simple collocation method, using the sharp contrast of black, white and red, the living room is stretched out and the visual contrast is formed by the three most distinct colors. Choosing a more pure color can increase the impact of vision and create a new fashion trend. The color of the bag echoes the carpet, the ornament, the wall clock, and the wall surface, making the original simple decoration method not simple, but also full of vitality. This collocation method is most suitable for a small living room with a simple style. The vivid color contrast can shift the focus to the decoration and weaken the original living room area. At the same time, those jewelry that have a sense of design do not need to be over-decorated, one or two pieces can become a classic.

Matching essentials: simple style classic design

Choosing a simple and classic design is the key to matching. The large-area solid color and other decorations can echo the color and shape. The black jacquard bag is more durable than the ordinary black bag, and the taste is improved. The white suede texture is also different. .

The finishing touch: the solid color depends on the fabric

Although the bags are all solid colors, each fabric and decoration are different. Although the appearance is no different from other bags, the difference in fabrics undoubtedly makes the details look very varied.

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3, cool leather sofa gorgeous match with a single color

Color Law: Color Conflicts Create Personality

A contrasting approach is used to create a collocation method with conflicting effects. On the basis of the light color of the sofa, two contrast colors are chosen as the decoration to create a conflict like a dramatic effect. The lake's blue bag and the orange-colored flower bag have formed the main body of the conflict. In addition, it complements the coffee table, the floor lamp and the decorative painting on the wall, thus seeking a visual balance in the conflict. This collocation is more daring, it breaks the original traditional single form and creates a refreshing decorative effect. The dramatic effect of the gorgeous colors has made the original unobtrusive living room alive and well.

Matching essentials: gorgeous decoration to do the details

In order to increase the dramatic effect, some gorgeous ornaments can be selected as appropriate. In terms of choosing the bag, the silky luster can be well reflected. The bag based on the patterned plant pattern can make this gorgeous feeling not completely awkward in the whole furnishings, and has the beauty of new decorativeism.

The decorative painting on the wall is very consistent with the overall decorative color, which further enhances the dramatic effect. The flowers placed on the coffee table echoed the bag, softening the overall color of the living room.

4, neutral tone sofa, freehand, warm and stylish

Color rule: different purity overall coordination

When the dark sofa is matched with the bag, you should choose a lighter bag. And consider choosing adjacent colors or similar colors, so the combination looks more coordinated. In order to avoid monotony, you can choose the same color with a pattern and a change. This looks not only lively but also more fashionable.

The sofa is a deep purple-brown, and it has certain difficulty when it comes to the bag. Choosing the same color of the purple-red bag to make the overall style more feminine, but also get rid of the dull feeling of the dark sofa.

Matching essentials: the same color by the package

When choosing the same color system, avoid choosing a color that is too close to the color of the sofa to avoid too dull effect. The patterned effect of the bag can often play a role in regulating the rich color, increasing the visual affinity.

The finishing touch: the color strips rely on the bag

The color of the sofa is more neutral, and the bright colored stripes rely on the dark striped fabric of the sofa. The relationship of the same color makes the whole more harmonious but without change.

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