Ultrasonic emulsifying disperser is used to break cells and other substances

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1. Principle: The principle of the ultrasonic emulsifying disperser is to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy through an ultrasonic transducer. This energy is transformed into dense small bubbles through the liquid medium. These small bubbles quickly burst and produce like small bombs. Energy, thereby playing the role of breaking cells and other substances. [1]

2 Main uses

Ultrasonic emulsification disperser is mainly used for emulsification and microemulsification of oil, water or other materials in petroleum and chemical processes. Ultrasonic emulsification disperser can also be used for liquid treatment in light industry, nanomaterials, food and medicine departments.

3 Product composition and main features

1. Ultrasonic generator

The ultrasonic generator generates a signal of a specific frequency. This specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer. The ultrasonic frequencies generally used in ultrasonic equipment are 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz.

2. Transducer components

The transducer assembly is mainly composed of a transducer and a horn.

3. Main features

The energy-concentrating ultrasonic material emulsifying and dispersing device immerses the horn of the high-power ultrasonic transducer directly into the reaction liquid, so that the sound energy directly enters the reaction system, and does not need to be transmitted through the reactor wall of the cleaning tank. Its advantage is that it can transfer a large amount of energy directly to the reaction medium, effectively convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can control the amount of ultrasonic energy by changing the amplitude delivered to the transducer.

The product is highly scalable

(1) Optional cooling water circulation device, cooling water circulation device and special double-layer glass reaction kettle form a cooling water circulation system to achieve precise temperature control at any temperature within the range of -5-100 ℃, effectively avoiding excessive temperature The destruction of the sample tissue is more convenient and precise than the traditional ice bath cooling.

(2) Optional magnetic stirrer. By stirring, the emulsification rate of the processed sample can be improved, and the processing effect is better.

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Ice Bucket


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Ice Bucket

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