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Photochemical reactors and other multi-series photocatalytic devices are a new generation of photochemical reaction devices jointly developed based on reference to foreign imported photochemical reactors and practical cooperation with famous domestic laboratories. Photochemical reactors are mainly used to study gas phase, liquid phase solid phase, The optical reaction of the flow system under the conditions of simulated ultraviolet light, simulated visible light, and special simulated light, whether it is loaded with TiO2 photocatalyst. At the same time, our company provides customers with special reaction vessels for fibrous and arranged substances to solve the problem of placement of impenetrable substances in conventional reaction vessels. The photochemical reactor is suitable for research fields such as chemical synthesis, environmental protection and life sciences. The system has the unique advantages of reasonable technology, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, protection of the human body, free combination, and flexible customization!
1. Product features of photochemical reactor:
1. The electrical control part of the photochemical reactor product is separated from the protective reaction dark box, which is convenient and reasonable for assembly, maintenance and upgrade, and the whole machine is beautiful and beautiful!
2. This type of main control power controller has flexible digital display control of light time. The photochemical reactor is suitable for timekeeping operations and data comparison experiments!
3. Photochemical reactor professional and stable analog light source and stable, space-saving volume design, especially suitable for laboratory equipment with limited space!
4. Equipped with multi-test tube magnetic stirrer reactor function, the photochemical reactor makes up for the shortcomings of unreasonable rotation of multiple test tubes around the light source and poor mechanical performance of multiple test tube rotations. It can achieve simultaneous and partial test tube inflation functions. The actual practical value of the reactor is excellent!
5. It has multiple magnetic stirring reaction vessel functions. The photochemical reactor can make the reaction process have strong magnetic stirring, aeration, deflation, sealing, temperature measurement and other functions!
6. The photochemical reactor is equipped with a solid reaction device, which can perform photocatalytic reaction on solid materials, and a high-efficiency light-concentrating device increases the catalytic speed!
7. This type of photochemical reactor adds a non-experimental stage automatic shading device, which will block the light source's initial light flicker and unstable, and block the light source of the stage sampling, so as to improve the accuracy of the experiment.
8. There is a water shortage alarm device. When the water pressure of the cooling water supply is insufficient or the water leakage seriously affects the safety of the experiment, the photochemical reactor emits an alarm sound to remind the operator to check the water supply status in time.
9. Equipped with cooling water supply device, fluorine-free operation of imported compressor, photochemical reactor to ensure stable operation of light source for a long time, suitable for continuous operation experiments. The low-temperature cooling water supply device itself is equipped with a silent external circulation pump, which provides cooling water circulation pressurization, while saving waste of water sources.
10. The cooling water supply device is controlled by touch buttons, the interface is generous, there is no rigid appearance of the traditional panel instrument, waterproof and high temperature resistant, the photochemical reactor can be added with a USB computer interface and operation software driver according to customer requirements, and the digital operation feels superior!
11. Flexible and diversified product design of photochemical reactors, product design schemes can be formulated according to customer requirements, and the concept of people-oriented science and technology is promoted!

2. Configuration standard of photochemical reactor:
1. The main reaction part of the photochemical reactor includes a reaction dark box, a mercury lamp electrical controller, a xenon lamp electrical controller, a glass reaction vessel, a light source, and a magnetic stirrer;
2. The mercury lamp electrical controller is used to control the working conditions of 300W and 500W medium pressure mercury lamps; (100W, 200W, 1000W, 1500W and other specifications are optional)
3. The photoelectric reactor xenon lamp electrical controller is used to control the working conditions of 500W and 1000W xenon lamps; (250W, 350W, 800W, 1500W and other specifications are optional)
4. All quartz glass reaction vessels can be selected from 20ML, 50ML, 60ML, etc.
5. Full quartz glass cold trap (extended cooling cycle at the bottom of the cooling water)
6. Equipped with a parallel reaction magnetic stirrer for photochemical reactors;
7. The cooling water circulation device of the photochemical reactor can achieve precise temperature control of -20 degrees to 100 degrees.
3. Notes for photochemical reactor:
1. Mercury lamp and xenon lamp turn on after 5 minutes of stable lighting, and the photochemical reactor needs to wait for 5 minutes after turning off the lamp before restarting;
2. Mercury and xenon lamps are made of quartz tube. Direct contact with hands will cause pollution and affect the luminous intensity. The outside of the quartz vessel of the photochemical reactor is usually cleaned with clean fatty cotton and a small amount of alcohol is wiped, and the inside is washed with washing liquid;
3. Use 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, etc. for the reaction test tubes of the multi-test tube magnetic stirrer of the photochemical reactor.
4. The main body box is the place where the series of chemical reactor lighting devices are placed. The photochemical reactor has the following characteristics: The size of the box body is 400mm * 46mm * 770nm about 23KG
5. Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity≤80%.
For details, please contact: Shanghai Yuming Instrument Co., Ltd. 021-34208150

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