10 minutes in the morning, the skin is moisturized all day long.

Skin care starts in the morning and it is the best time for skin care. It takes only 10 minutes to create a moisturized skin!

10 minutes in the morning, the skin is moist and full day

Get up in the morning in the morning and feel the moisturizing power!

Bathing in the morning can help the body to soothe. It is necessary to open the curtains when you are lazy! This is the first step to creating beautiful skin.

10 minutes in the morning, the skin is moist and full day

The first 5 minutes: Morning cleansing uses a solid-shaped facial cleansing soap.

In the morning, cleanse with a simple solid soap. However, the removal of sebum is the key to ensuring skin hydration.

Let the solid soap produce enough foam

1. Use solid soap to create a full foam. Adding a little warm water is the secret to filling the foam with air. Clean, foaming cleansing products can also be used.

Apply foam to the T-zone

2, first apply the foam in the T-shaped area, draw a circle to massage the face, then the chin to the cheeks, and finally gently clean the nose and the corners of the eyes.

Wash your face with warm water that is slightly higher than your body temperature

3, use warm water slightly higher than the body temperature so that sebum will not fall too much. The front of the ear and the chin should be tilted and washed with water.

10 minutes in the morning, the skin is moist and full day

After 5 minutes: double mask before makeup

In order to maintain a good makeup, moisturizing before makeup is very important. Use a cotton pad to apply a full lotion as a mask to allow nutrients to penetrate.

1. Use a cotton pad to fully apply the moisturizing lotion, and put a few on the face for about 5 minutes.

2, remove the cotton pad, apply mask paper on the face for another 5-10 minutes. Let the moisturizing ingredients penetrate completely, and the makeup effect is perfect! >>> Lip protection: How to choose lipstick?

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