Yoga breast enhancement 7 style makes the female bust skyrocket


Let MM "peace chest" Tyrant also get up, teach you a few simple breast Yoga action today to help solve the flat chest female "peace" in trouble, you let the chest more firm, more elastic.

Formula 1: outer circle

When doing this action, the motion of the circle should be larger, the larger the movement, the more the range of motion, which can help the chest and help the thin arm.

  Step 1 : The handle is flexed to 90 degrees and the elbow is lifted to balance with the chest, and the palm of the hand is outward.

   Step 2 : Circle the elbows back and repeat 10 times.

Formula 2: elbow raise chest

This set of movements helps to raise the chest and make the chest lines firmer. Note that when you pull the hand, you should try to touch the shoulder position as much as possible. This will make the effect better.

   Step 1 : The right elbow is bent, placed behind the ear, and the left hand is flexed on the shoulder. Inhale, try to raise your right elbow to the highest position and maintain the movement for 10 seconds.

   Step 2 : The left elbow is bent behind the ear, and the right hand is flexed on the shoulder. Inhale, also raise the left elbow as much as possible, repeating the movement 10 times on each side .

3 style: folded around

This set of actions can make the chest stronger, and can also reduce the arms of the arm. Pay attention to the force when the palm is pressed inward, and keep the elbows balanced with the chest when turning left and right.

   Step   1 : Stand upright, put your hands together, raise your elbows to your chest, and inhale first.

   Step 2 : Breathe slowly, keep the upper body still, squeeze the palms inward, and move your hands to the left as much as possible. Hold for about 10 seconds and return to the original position.

   Step 3 : Inhale again, then exhale, move your hands as far as possible to the right, and stay for about 10 seconds. The left and right sides are 1 time, and the movement is repeated 10 times.


Formula 4: Breast stretch

This set of movements can make the chest stronger, paying attention to the straightness of the hand and not bending.

   Step   1 : Straight up, hands clenched, elbows raised to the chest, 90 degrees to the chest , inhale.

   Step 2 : Exhale slowly, push your hands forward, try to use the chest to force, repeat the action about 10 times.

5 style: elbow folded

This set of movements improves the outward expansion of the chest, making the chest stronger and firmer.

   Step 1 : Open your hands and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Inhale first.

   Step 2 : Exhale slowly, push the elbows firmly to the middle until the elbows are completely fitted. After about 10 seconds, relax and repeat the movement 10 times.

6 type: arms folded

This set of actions can lift the chest up to prevent sagging breasts. Note that both hands must be placed in the chest when doing the action. Too high or too low will affect the effect.

  Step 1 : Inhale first, flex your hands and elbows, and place them on your chest.

   Step 2 : Breathe slowly, stretch your hands and elbows as far as possible to the left and right, and maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, repeating 10 times.

7 style: palm circle

    The greater the amplitude of this group of movements, the better the use of both hands to draw a circle, you can feel the muscles of the chest up and down position, the chest effect is also very good.

   Step 1 : Spread your hands straight forward and do not bend your arms.

   Step 2 : With the shoulder as the center point, the palm of the hand will draw a big circle forward.

   Step 3 : Then draw a big circle backwards and repeat the action 10 times before and after .


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