Analysis of Factors Influencing POP Ink Drying in Wine Label Printing

POP ink is an ordinary dry type ink, and the drying speed is relatively slow, so the drying problem when using POP ink to print vacuum aluminized paper has received enough attention. If the drying problem is not well controlled, there will be a problem that the ink on the surface of the printed matter will not dry for a long time, or it will not dry completely at all. There are many factors that affect the balance of water and ink and cause excessive emulsification of POP inks. The main factors are the amount of fountain solution, the pH of fountain solution, and the conductivity of fountain solution.

1. Dosage control of fountain solution

Regarding the control of the amount of fountain solution, we must first understand the characteristics of the printing material. There are large differences in the water absorption of different types of printing materials. Absorbent printing materials have a certain absorption capacity for water, therefore, if the amount of fountain solution is slightly excessive during the printing process, the impact on the printing quality of the printed matter is not so obvious; but for non-absorbent printing materials, due to their The "congenital insufficiency" in water absorption naturally requires more strict control of the amount of fountain solution. Therefore, when printing vacuum aluminum-plated paper that is a non-absorbent printing material, pay special attention to the control of the amount of fountain solution. It is necessary to reduce the amount of fountain solution as much as possible while ensuring that the printed product is not dirty.

2. pH adjustment of fountain solution

In order to ensure that the drying speed of the POP ink printed on the vacuum aluminum paper is accelerated, in the printing process, we often need to add a certain amount of driers to the POP ink. The drier is generally a salt containing metal elements such as lead, cobalt, and manganese. When the pH value of the fountain solution is too low, the fountain solution will chemically react with the dryer, making the dryer ineffective. It can be seen that the drying time of POP ink on the surface of vacuum aluminized paper will be relatively extended under the condition of strong acidity of fountain solution. In fact, under the condition that the fountain solution is more acidic, not only will the problem of the ink layer dry too slowly, but also a strong phenomenon of ink emulsification will occur.

3. Effect of fountain solution conductivity

If the pH of the fountain solution is too low, it will cause emulsification of the POP ink. Will the different conductivity of the fountain solution affect the emulsification of the POP ink? Through the analysis of the conductivity of the fountain solution, we found that the "leader" that caused the POP ink printed on the vacuum aluminized paper to not dry very well also has the factor of excessive conductivity. The high electrical conductivity indirectly causes excessive emulsification of the POP ink, which in turn affects drying. This requires us to test the pH value and conductivity of the fountain solution in daily production in advance, put it on the agenda, and monitor it from various aspects to reduce the hidden danger of POP ink not drying well, guarantee The prints are thoroughly dried.

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