Bedroom lamps water taboo to create a modern fashion home

Bedroom lights feng shui taboo, choose the bedroom lights not only look at the style and shape, but also a little understanding of the bedroom lights Feng Shui taboo, clever mix to make your home bring good luck in the new year. Bedroom lamp Feng Shui taboo, this is not superstition, the so-called Ning is credible, not credible, follow the Xiaobian to see the bedroom lights Feng Shui taboo.

Choosing the bedroom lamps not only depends on the style and appearance, but also the feng shui of the bedroom lamps, so that the lamps will exert useful value, and understand the feng shui knowledge of the bedroom lamps, so that the lamps and lanterns can bring good luck and happiness to the home, no matter Whether the brightness or color of the luminaire is an important part of the feng shui of the bedroom luminaire.


Bedroom lamp feng shui taboo

First, the lighting color:

1. It is better to use a suitable amount of white light source in warm colors.

Household feng shui generally pays attention to the use of light color, that is, the change between color and warmth. The color matching the five elements of the home focuses on the combination of cold and warm, and the home is mainly yang, so the color of the lighting should also be based on warm light.

Among the red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple colors, the red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources, green, blue, blue and purple are cold light sources, and the cold light source gives a mysterious and dreamy feeling. The yang is mainly used to match the appropriate amount of white light source, which is most suitable for people to live.

2. Do not use red light in the bedroom.

However, in the bedroom, it is generally inappropriate to choose a red light and a neon light with a large flashing color to make it easy to create a feeling of irritability.

Some newlyweds, in order to increase the romantic color, press a red light bulb on the bed or on the dressing table. This is a taboo, which is easy to cause one or both sides to derail; children have red lights in the bedroom, the child is easy to character, and easy. There is a phenomenon of early maturity and early love, this must be noted.

3, yellow light main lucky

The yellow five elements belong to the earth, and from the point of view of the five elements, the native gold, which determines the lucky meaning of the yellow light.

So many people like to install a yellow light at home, in order to make money.

Second, the lighting style should be coordinated with the home design

In the choice of lighting style, it should conform to the overall home design style. Of course, the choice of lighting can also help.

For example, classical lighting, with classical charm, simple and connotation, can play the role of town house, can help the owner's career; fashion lighting design is novel, modern and strong, helping people to promote and promote the role of wealth. The crystal material lighting, elegant and luxurious, star-studded, can play the role of Wang Cai, increase the home gas field.

Third, the number of lighting

The number of lamps in the home is preferably in the singular number, but when the spotlights are illuminated in a row, care should be taken not to use three lamps to juxtapose, so as to avoid the similarity of the three fragrances, forming a bad meaning.

Fourth, the choice of different room lighting

The function of each room is different and the lighting will be different.

Feng Shui theory pays attention to the "Ming Room Dark Room", which means that the light in the living room should be bright, while the light in the bedroom should be darker.

The bedroom is a place for people to rest and recharge their batteries, so the color of the lights must be soft and not irritating, which is good for people to fall asleep.

Xiaobian summary: bedroom lights feng shui taboo, want to make the home life smooth, the bedroom lights Feng Shui taboo can not be ignored.

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