Xintian home "clear price" initial results

Implement half-month execution to force

Xintian home "clear price" initial results

In order to actively respond to the notice of promoting the work of clear price, advocate the concept of rational consumption and reshape the commercial civilization of the home industry. Since April 29, 2013, Xintian Home Times Store has taken the lead in implementing the clear-price sales system in our city.

As of now, the system has been implemented for more than half a month. The data shows that Xintian Home has achieved initial results in the “clear price” and has received support from consumers. Although there are some shortcomings in the implementation process, “clear price” has become the dominant in the field of household consumption and shopping. trend.

Three major initiatives in parallel

"Clear price" execution to force

From April 29th, Xintian Home took the lead in implementing the “clear price”. Since the implementation date, Xintian Home has strictly adopted the "Commitment" as the criterion, accepting customer supervision, strengthening self-regulation, and solidly promoting the implementation and implementation of "clear price", making the implementation of the entire sales system quite powerful.

Accepting customer supervision, consumers find that the price of purchased goods (same brand, same specification, non-treated products) is higher than other retail stores in the same city within one week after shopping at Xintian Home, Xintian Home will double the difference to customers and reward The customer is 5,000 yuan.

With the promise as the criterion, at the launching ceremony on May 1st, the general manager of Xintian Home, Liao Yan signed the Declaration of Integrity: taking the "Ming Code Price Self-discipline Commitment" as the criterion, insisting on the clear price, the price is fair and reasonable; To achieve virginity.

Strengthening self-regulation, Liao Zong said that from the day of implementation, Xintian Home will regularly arrange special personnel to inspect the implementation of the price tag, standardize the price tag, and deal with non-standard, chaotic, fuzzy price, etc.; The problem, timely processing, quick completion, and strive to create a harmonious consumption environment.

Save time and effort

"Clear price" is very popular

Since the implementation date, “clear price” has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. During the implementation of more than half a month, many consumers gathered in the heart of the home time store, really feel the need to save time and effort, you can enjoy the one-stop shopping save time and effort.

On the consumer side, it can be said that it is a good voice. Some consumers said: "The 'solid price' launched by Xintian Home has indeed brought us the gospel of these consumers. Now buy furniture as long as you go to the mall to see if the function is suitable. On your own, consider considering that the wallet budget and price are not equal, and then paying the money and leaving, it is quite worry-free."

Reinventing commercial civilization

"Bright price" has achieved initial results

The “clear price” is also praised by the sales staff, eliminating the bargaining link. The salesperson can “just talk about the product without talking about the price” and reach the most ideal sales method.

General Liao said that through the 15-day implementation, “clear price” has indeed promoted rational consumption of homes. “We also have more energy to focus on product quality, grade, style, etc., rather than bargaining with consumers on price. We firmly believe that the 'clear price of the price' is bound to provide a civilized, fair and transparent home consumption platform for the majority of Suining home customers. Xintian Home will, as always, take the 'clear price' as part of the new construction of Xintian Home Credit in 2013 and actively promote it. Suining the civilized development of the home industry." (Intern reporter Peng Jun)

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