The overall wardrobe cleaning coup creates a healthy home environment

Home is the place where we stay the most, and we are always aiming for it. The cleanliness of the home environment is inseparable from the relationship between our family and the health of our family. So we have a good home environment and clean the whole wardrobe. The unshirkable responsibility of family members. Today we will share a few cleaning methods.

The overall wardrobe cleaning coup creates a healthy home environment

Do not store chemical preparations in the closet

Many people are filled with harmful products in the cupboard without knowing it. Insecticides, detergents, polishes... are chemicals that are labeled “toxic,” “dangerous,” “warning,” or “attention.” The liquid oozing from these bottles and jars volatilizes in the kitchen and scatters in the air, posing a hazard to the health of family and children. Remove the product with the warning sign from the cabinet, put it in a special sealed box, and replace it with a product with an eco-label.

Choose an environmentally friendly product alternative

Just as people take antibiotics for a long time, they are resistant, as are fungicides. New research shows that ancient formulas of plants and essential oils can be killed. Here is a simple method for preparing a light lavender disinfectant. Ingredients, a glass of water, 20 drops of pure lavender essential oil, pour water into a spray bottle, pour the essential oil into the bottle and shake. Use the method to spray the liquid on the items to be sterilized for 15 minutes, or let it dry naturally without washing. Do not let the liquid enter your eyes or come into contact with your skin. In addition, the spray bottle must be clean.

Detergent and soap

If the water quality is hard, it is recommended that you choose a detergent instead of soap to avoid scum. Soap is made from fats and lye, while detergents are synthetic materials. Unlike soap, detergents are specially formulated to not react with minerals in hard water to produce soap scum. The disadvantage of washing with soap is that the minerals in the water react with the soap to form an insoluble film which will gray out the clothes and the film will form a residue. However, detergents are not easy to react with minerals in water, and are a good choice for washing clothes.

Scientifically handle domestic waste

Toxic materials and waste should not be discarded as they pose a serious environmental hazard. Hazardous waste such as used batteries can be disposed of in a dedicated recycling department.

Homemade environmental cleaning tools

Reduce the use of non-renewable resources, avoid potentially harmful products (such as antibacterial sponges), use old shirts as rags, save resources and save money! Consider mops, paper towels, sponges, baskets, vacuum cleaners when considering them. Durability, health and environmental impact. When using paper towels, try to buy recycled, non-bleached paper towels. (Source: Zhonghua Wardrobe)

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