What factors are not easy to cause environmental protection?

Since the whole cabinet is a large consumer product, for many consumers, it is necessary to carefully consider it. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of ecological and environmental protection concepts, in addition to the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of cabinets, environmental protection has become a hot spot for them. Many cabinet merchants are promoting the environmental protection cabinets for the needs of consumers. In fact, many cabinets that are advertised as “environmentally friendly” may also exist in areas that are not environmentally friendly.

What factors are not easy to cause environmental protection?

Today, let Xiaobian and you look at the several characteristics of the cabinet is not environmentally friendly.

chemical pollution

In addition to formaldehyde, there may be harmful substances such as benzene and hydrazine in the cabinet. In addition to the panel, there are also cabinets and adhesives that need to be treated in order to ensure that the content of harmful substances does not exceed the standard.

Physical damage

Materials, poorly-made cabinets, there may be burrs, sharp corners, fast mouths, etc. in the details, these unreasonable parts, it is easy to cause physical harm. Handling food directly on the cabinet may cause damage to impurities and debris due to the quality of the countertop. It is also harmful to health.

There are still noise and light pollution in the cabinet. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to use high-quality hardware and reasonably select the panel and the countertop.

Material is not recycled waste

In terms of the environmental friendliness of materials, aluminum is better than stainless steel because aluminum has a lower boiling point of only 200 degrees, while stainless steel is as high as 2000 degrees, which is not conducive to the recycling of materials.

Some inconspicuous parts, such as the adjustment feet of the cabinet, can be completely recycled with plastic. As long as it is qualified, it is not necessary to use so-called ABS plastic.

Very energy efficient design

The choice of the sink directly affects the amount of tap water used. The single large sink is more water efficient than the currently popular double tank sink; because the large sink needs to store more water, and the double sink can be dip and washed separately, which makes it more reasonable to use water.

The setting of the gas stove should avoid the tuyere as much as possible. If it is installed at the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air when it is used. Not only the use of gas will increase, but also the soot will be blown away by the wind and will not be absorbed intensively, which will affect the smoke. Machine work.

Garbage pollution environment

The kitchen has always been regarded as the "manufacturing workshop" of garbage. It has become commonplace to soil the floor and block the sink. When cleaning up the residual garbage, it is easy to breed bacteria and attract four evils.

In developed countries and regions, people pre-treat the garbage in their own kitchens. By installing a garbage crusher, some garbage can be directly discharged through the waste pipe; and these garbage residues can be recycled in the water plant and processed into organic fertilizer. Two things in one fell swoop.

Unsafe to use

Cabinets are places where water, electricity and coal are collected. If these three things are used improperly, they will cause harm to the environment and even affect personal safety. The overflow in the sink should be properly set; the electrical appliances, wires and plugs should avoid leakage; there should be valves for the gas.

Although these are not directly related to the cabinet, it is integrated with the design and installation of the cabinet, so it must be taken into consideration at the beginning of the installation of the cabinet.

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