Maintenance of electric control cabinet of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Mechanical equipment maintenance is the daily work that operators must perform to maintain the normal operation of the machinery and extend its service life. Accumulation of dust in the power distribution cabinet can cause unnecessary failures. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the power distribution cabinet regularly. The following describes the maintenance steps of the electric control cabinet of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1. Turn off the main power switch (leakage circuit breaker);

Second, find the cover of the power distribution cabinet;

3. Use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air spray gun (must be dry and clean compressed air to remove the dust from the power distribution cabinet. Follow the cleaning sequence from top to bottom to prevent repeated cleaning. Be careful not to pull the wire when cleaning to prevent unintentional Changed the condition of the line or pipeline, causing unnecessary trouble);

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Beautiful design, reasonable structure, smooth lines, natural and smooth

The shell is made of high-quality A3 steel plate CNC machine tool, and the surface of the shell is sprayed; the inner material is SUS304 high-quality stainless steel plate;

The insulation material is high-density glass fiber cotton (thickness 100mm), so that the indoor temperature will not be transmitted to the outside of the equipment, ensuring the temperature balance and stability in the box;

A transparent window is set at a reasonable position of the box door to observe the change of the indoor sample.

The observation window adopts multi-layer hollow tempered glass, and the inner side is laminated with a conductive film, which has the advantages of transparency, heat insulation, and not easy to produce steam frost;

The mixing system adopts long-axis fan motor, high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller

A double-layer high-strength high-strength sealing strip is used between the door and the box to ensure the sealing of the test area. And the use of non-reaction door handle, easier to operate

The lead test hole (on the left side of the machine) can be connected to the test power line or signal line (diameter 50mm, one standard);

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