Natural color 4 steps to draw casual nude makeup

The nude makeup focuses on the thinness, emphasizes the delicate and elegant luster, and insists on the most natural and no makeup makeup effect.


Nude makeup is the most suitable makeup for everyday life, but it is not easy to make nude makeup. Sometimes it takes longer. The most distinctive feature of nude makeup this year is: true color. The trend of make-up returns to the clean, natural effect of nature. Fresh nude makeup highlights the natural lustrous finish, emphasizing the roundness and natural color of the skin, giving the skin a light, translucent texture.


1, the foundation is indispensable

The base makeup is the most important part of nude makeup, but usually after finishing a delicate nude makeup, the hands will be tired and stiff. In fact, it is completely "lazy" and focuses on the dull skin that brightens the face, so that the translucent makeup is completed.

Specific steps: The biggest feature of nude makeup is that it is thin and the foundation makeup must not be heavy, but it must cover the dull skin and brighten the skin. Use a foundation brush or a sponge to apply a liquid foundation to make it more even. Place the foundation in the eye area, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin, etc., and gently spread the foundation to the entire face with your fingertips.

Tips: Be careful not to forget the darker parts of the nose and mouth, etc. To create the perfect nude makeup is to pay attention to these small details.

Estimated time: 3 minutes