Discussion on the Added Value of Packaging

Packaging is a relatively important part of a product from the development and design, production and manufacture to market sales. The success or failure of a product directly affects the trust and cognition of consumers. Packaging design is a creative job that promotes the promotion and sales of products for the purpose of marketing, integrating social, economic, artistic, technical, psychological and many other factors. Packaging design is not only to protect the product from damage during circulation, but also to create additional value for the company in the promotion process [1].

1 The value of packaging

With the increasing formation of the global economic market, competition for product sales has become increasingly fierce, and the role of product packaging has become more important. The value of its creation has also grown.
Product packaging is first protected from damage during production and sales. Any product in the distribution process may be due to handling, storage, etc. caused by the deformation, crushing, moisture and pollution, packaging design can solve the package is not deformed, not broken, not degenerate [2];
Product packaging can beautify products and facilitate product promotion. For the purpose of sales, packaging a part or the whole of a product, focusing on sales promotion, attracting the attention of consumers with novel and beautiful packaging, thereby stimulating consumers' desire to purchase;
Product packaging disseminates product information. Through the form of packaging or printed on the packaging of graphics, tags, convey the product's use, usage and provenance, at the time of purchase, customers can understand the product's basic information and the actual value of use, effectively guide consumers to purchase;
The added value of product packaging is implied in the value of the product, which is a concrete manifestation of the product packaging effect, and is compensated during the sales process of the product. "Packaging is often more important than the product contained inside." From this statement, we can see the significance of packaging design to create added value;
Spread corporate culture and enhance brand image. The packaging design uses modern design theory, pays attention to the research of consumer psychology, and spreads the concept and spirit of the enterprise to the society and consumers through packaging, advertisements, etc., so as to achieve the function of guiding consumption and inducing consumption, showing the social effects of product packaging and value;
Improve product quality and create economic benefits. A lot of practice has proved that the proper packaging of products, although "increasing" the cost of the product, but it will obviously stimulate consumer desire for product purchase, increase the added price of the product, also promote and increase the sales value of the product and commercial profits .

2 Packaging Design Methods to Create Added Value

The added value beyond the creation of product value is something that must be considered in packaging design. We can conduct research and discussion in the following aspects.
a) Pay attention to the absorption of local culture. "The people of the nation are the world." With the gradual formation of global economic integration, the exchange of products has become increasingly widespread. Research and application that emphasizes local culture have received more and more attention. Product packaging design must have its own characteristics. The most important thing is how to embody the company's own culture, which is often closely linked with the local geographical culture. Therefore, the clever use of cultural resources rich in the geographical origin of the packaging design will make consumers have a good sense of trust in the product [3]. For example, most of the packaging designs of liquor products in China have chosen places of origin and history and culture as design materials. Consumers can gain more trust when purchasing products.
b) Adopt new materials and processes. Current packaging design trends
The trend is developing in the direction of the original ecology. How to develop and utilize new renewable materials and research on new processes and methods to further reflect the design concept of green packaging and the realization of sustainable development strategies are issues of common concern to us. For example, the study of composite materials for packaging, that is, to try to combine several materials together to make it have the excellent performance of different materials, but also consider its environmental protection requirements, facilitate recycling and recycling. The reduction in the required cost increases the added value of the product;
c) Appropriate packaging design. A complete package includes the overall manifestation of materials, structure, process, design, etc., and the application value engineering is comprehensively analyzed and comprehensively considered.
1) The packaging design should carefully study the best matching of functions and costs according to the characteristics and functional requirements of the product, and select the most economical solution. For example, if the quality of the product is different, the target of consumption is different, and the place of sale is different, different design options should be chosen, and the individualized, international, and diversified consumption characteristics should be reflected.
2) Packaging design should also consider eliminating some of the extra features that would consume resources and increase packaging costs [4]. For example, for products that are not susceptible to moisture, if a lot of moisture-proof materials are used for sealed packaging, it would be redundant, and the most suitable packaging method should be used;
3) Package design also considers compliance with commonality and standardization.

With the further enhancement of international trade and material exchanges, the universality and standardization requirements of packaging products have attracted the attention of packaging design circles in various countries. Many packaging design standards have been formulated and should be actively applied and implemented. For example, according to the international packaging standard design, export products can be well adapted to the requirements of transportation tools in the circulation process, to avoid the loss of goods and economic interests, greatly improving the efficiency and economic efficiency.

3 Conclusion
The research and implementation of the added value of packaging design, on the one hand, bring more economic benefits to enterprises and society, and on the other hand it also plays an active role in promoting the global economic exchange and the protection of the ecological environment and the effective use of natural resources. The current international exchanges are increasingly frequent and the scope of product sales is also expanding. How to effectively play the role of product packaging and bring more economic benefits to enterprises will be increasingly appreciated by the whole society.

Chen Jian Zhou Yuping Zhu Xinglong Yangzhou University
Reprinted from: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation

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