Single-dose anti-children packaging

This example is a single-dose package that prevents children from accidentally taking it. It consists of a flat elongate container with multiple cavities and a closure. Both ends of the plastic cover are designed with elastic tongues. Each cavity in the elongate box contains a single dose of drug and is sealed with a piece of peelable aluminum foil after filling. The ends of the plastic cover are covered with tongues. Insert the groove and tear the foil to get the tablet. This package can be re-closed.

As the opening of the package requires the opening and closing of the index finger (middle finger) and the combined action of grasping and pulling after the thumb, the child is difficult to complete. Especially when the length of the pillbox is more than 10cm, the child's hand is not open enough. This structure is simple and safe, and older people can easily open it.

Excerpt from: Chinese packaging

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