Arkema, France's latest high transparent nylon listing

Arkema France recently introduced its latest Rilsan series of highly transparent nylon resins to the market.

This material can be used to make thin films that can be used for single- or multi-layer decorative outermost films. Since the material does not induce light diffraction, it can achieve crystal-like transparency. Rilsan resin is 20% lower relative density than its competitive material, polycarbonate, and has good chemical resistance, impact resistance, high abrasion resistance and UV stability. Rilsan is rigid at room temperature and remains in the mold in the solid phase, but is much softer than the crystalline and amorphous polymers, and therefore has better processing properties.

Source: China Chemical News

Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard outer looks like LCD screen TV. Touch function, it can be operated easily, meanwhile, it can meet the needs of multi-person collaborative meeting in the meeting with other accessory.

It integrates a variety of equipment functions such as projectors, computers, TVs, stereos, advertising machines, and electronic whiteboards.
Android / computer dual system, can install a variety of app and computer application software, support cloud control, wireless projection

Interactive Whiteboard

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