Krones developed F1 filling machine

Krones developed a new type of filling machine called the F1 filling machine. This filling machine has three major technological innovations:

The first major innovation - the entire machine adopts a modular construction without a front desk design. Due to the modular construction, different capper modules can be installed or removed without having to consider the platen, so the platen is no longer used on the F1 filler. The drive system, including the bottle-rinsing machine that may constitute a combination unit, also adopts a non-front-end design. Between the rinsing machine and the filling machine, the filling machine and the capping machine are connected by separate gripping star wheels. These stars are mounted on stainless steel columns with a single servo drive. Each star wheel has its own drive. A central controller is responsible for the electronic engagement of the drive units with each other. The star wheel and the servo motor installed in the column form a closed drive element. The use of no front-drive solution does not require special maintenance of the machine. Therefore, the cleaning process is simple and the service life is long. Residual beverages and cleaning agents can be discharged without hindrance and hygienic design is perfect.

The second major innovation - the new valve relies on a movable extension sleeve. So far, most filling machines are filling bottles with steam, and the bottles in the filling machine are sent from the lifting cylinder to the filling valve. The F1 filling machine is just the opposite. The pinch star wheel conveys the bottle to the same height level on the filling machine. The filling valve drops from above to the bottle mouth. In the case of a bottle with a fixed suspension, the newly developed filling valve relies on a movable extension sleeve. The key to this technology is the newly developed swirler. The swirler does not use parts that protrude into the bottle, such as filling pipes or return pipes, but instead installs the corresponding cone cover. The valve of the F1 filling machine feeds the filling liquid into the swirler and leads directly to the inner wall of the bottle. In this way, the bottle can be sealed without the need for elastomeric seals.

The third major innovation - decentralized filling component control system. The F1 filling machine uses separate controls for the filling components. Each workstation is equipped with a set of controls. The control unit is mounted directly on the filling valve and contains three-way control valves and all the required electronics for all pneumatic control functions. The advantage of this design is that the reaction time is faster; the repeatability is higher; the air consumption is reduced while ensuring the filling accuracy. Therefore, this filling machine is particularly suitable for PET bottle filling production with or without steam soft drinks and mineral water.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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