Zhongbao Machinery Launches ZBFB-1000 Transfer Composite Stripping Coating

With the rise of the green wave in the world, the Chinese tobacco market is increasingly open to the world. Responsibility for the implementation of the "Treaty on Tobacco Control Framework" on environmental protection and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials are undoubtedly the focus of tobacco packaging companies. The transfer of aluminum-plated liner paper and aluminum-plated paperboard has been recognized and accepted by many tobacco companies and is an inevitable choice.

In order to meet the requirements of mechanical equipment for environmental protection materials, the newly developed ZBFB-1000 transfer compound peeling coloring unit of Xi'an Zhongbao Machinery Co., Ltd. has emerged as the times require. It can not only produce high-quality transfer, aluminum-plated cigarette lining paper, but also can produce transferred aluminum-plated paper jam. It can also produce traditional aluminum foil composite backing paper and aluminum foil composite paper jam. It can not only transfer, peel and paint these materials. Once completed, the substrate can also be printed on one side or coated on one side, and there is no preheating and ironing mechanism to solve the phenomenon that unevenness, curling and the like of the material cannot be packaged during use. The equipment integrates the latest process technologies at home and abroad and highlights the controllable procedures for mechatronics. With its unique compatibility, it achieves a multi-functional effect.

The main performance and features of this machine are: digitalized automatic control, PLC control and control module control, color touch screen man-machine interface, display system control all parameters, high number of rotary encoders Signal feedback, inverter synchronous control in many places, with a high-precision temperature probe for temperature feedback, PLC intelligent adjustment, the whole machine is turned on, in addition to coating and winding roller, the remaining pressure roller are automatically closed, It is automatically separated when it is stopped and it has the corresponding manual operation function. There is no dust removal and preheating mechanism for the paper before compounding. Due to the attachment of process fillers, talcum powder, and electrostatic dust on the surface during the production process of the base paper, the effective dust removal mechanism is set prior to compounding; In order to achieve a better composite effect, a preheating mechanism is added before compounding to adjust the moisture content of the composite base paper to achieve the best state of compounding. Since the previously used wire roller coating of various kinds of compounding equipment relied on the number of lines to adjust the amount of glue applied, the amount of glue applied would vary from substrate to substrate, so it was necessary to adjust it by replacing the anilox roll, thus not only increasing The cost also brings a lot of inconvenience and time waste. The unit adopts a three-roll transfer glue application mechanism, which has a wide range of glue application, a wide range of applicable substrates, different roller speeds can make the glue evenly coated, and the glue is more advanced and reasonable. The machine's oven design Unique and reasonable, full use of fluid mechanics principles, the temperature of each zone of the oven through PID operation, the PLC issued instructions to adjust the heat supply of each zone in the analog SCR, so as to achieve temperature control, through the heat exchanger, complete exhaust emissions, thermal energy recycling, Make the whole unit heating effect is ideal and more energy-efficient. With a reasonably arranged film winding mechanism, after the film is peeled off, the film enters the winding station directly, and the paper enters the coating station, avoiding excessive contact between the paper and the over-roller. Closed-loop tension control is adopted to make the stripped film flat and flat, without changing the original characteristics of the substrate and not deforming, which is more conducive to the use of the secondary aluminum plating process. Due to the need to meet the high-speed production of the machine, the compounding temperature is correspondingly increased, and the paper will be brittle, easily broken, and reduced in tension due to lack of moisture under certain conditions, which is not conducive to subsequent reprocessing processes such as slitting and packaging. The unit is equipped with a unique on-line replenishment mechanism, which allows the substrate to be flattened and improved in its folding endurance after rewinding. Moreover, its adhesion to aluminum powder is greatly enhanced and product quality is also guaranteed.

ZBFB-1000 transfer compound peeling coloring unit has been fully recognized and affirmed by customers. It is believed that with the increasing development of the packaging market, it will be more widely favored by enterprises, in order to adapt to mechanical equipment. The requirements of environmental protection materials play a positive role in promoting.

Source: China Packaging News

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