Large-scale, high-speed automatic flat die cutting machine

MWZ1670S automatic flattening die cutting machine is a high-tech product independently researched and developed by Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of semi-automatic die cutting machine. It is suitable for die cutting of large-scale color box. The machine's largest die-cut size is 1635×1180mm, which is the largest product of this type in Asia at present. It is especially suitable for die-cutting curved paperboards. The die-cutting speed is as high as 4500 pieces/hour, and the stability and reliability are extremely high. Equipment advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:

Feeding section: accurate positioning, stable feeding

Thanks to the servo motor-controlled roller-type leading edge feeding system, the cardboard reaches the front gauge after buffering, which ensures the accuracy of the cardboard positioning; the leading edge feeding system continuously adjusts the suction volume, and has a good adaptability to curved cardboard. The paper feeding is more stable; it has a side positioning mechanism, high positioning accuracy, and easy adjustment.

Die-cutting part: safe and stable, can reduce costs

The die-cutting machine has a large die-cut thickness, high precision, and balanced pressure; the worm, crankshaft and die-cut steel plate are fine-grinded after heat treatment, and the equipment has high precision and long service life; pneumatic clutch brake and torque limiter are used to ensure the safety of the machine. Use; aluminum alloy teeth row light weight, high precision, stable paper; main drive bearings, tooth drive chain, the main air control valve and electrical components are used in foreign famous brands; with no mouth die-cut structure, to achieve a Waste die cutting greatly reduces customer costs.

Waste elimination: automatic production, ensure efficient production

With a clean-waste system, it can automatically remove the waste scraps and intermediate scraps, which has a high production efficiency. The scrapping model adopts a central positioning system to automatically clamp, and the version is quick and easy. The scrapping mode can be automatically switched and used to adapt to a wide range of products.

Delivery section: Continuous circulation, automatic transfer

With automatic shutdown system without shutdown, the work efficiency is high; the pneumatic secondary take-up mechanism ensures continuous circulation of the take-up system; the output stacking volume can be preset, and the paper stack is automatically transferred to the transfer station.

Electrical control part: to achieve human-machine dialogue, simple operation

Using PLC program control, fault automatic detection alarm, perfect protection function, high control reliability; LCD touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue, easy and intuitive operation; main motor controlled by the inverter to achieve stepless speed regulation; actual die-cutting cardboard automatic count .

Source: Global Box Industry

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