Development of a New Adhesive for High Adhesion Content Film Composites (3)

c. Effect on friction coefficient

as illustrated:

With conventional adhesives, the coefficient of friction of the film becomes large and cannot meet the requirements for use: When a special adhesive is used, the coefficient of friction of the film is basically unchanged.

d. Effect on heat seal strength

Yes, the heat seal strength of the special ocean composite film is greater than that of the ordinary glue.

e. Effect of inner film thickness on peel strength

Structure: NY30d/PE80, (slippery content 500ppm)

The amount of glue: 3.5g/m2 (dry basis)

Discover from the figure:

When 1PE is less than 30μ, the peel strength decreases.

When 2PE is greater than 70μ, the peel strength also decreases:

3 using ordinary plastic compound, PE film thickness increases, the intensity decreases:

4 using special glue compound, PE film thickness has little effect on strength.

5. Composite properties of different substrates

V. Conclusion

(1) Film additives have effects on the peel strength, friction coefficient and heat seal strength of the composite film;

(2) New high-adhesive film composite adhesive YH2600/YH25 has better performance;

(3) The new high-adhesive film composite adhesive YH2600/YH25 can effectively improve the effect of additives on the composite film peel strength, friction coefficient, heat seal strength.

Source: Beijing Gaomeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Wang Ziping, Jiang Qinjun, Shen Feng

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