Corrugated board printing machine automatic paper feeding system

Corrugated board printing machine automatic paper feeding system consists of a printing combination structure part and a paper feeding combination structure part. A rotary encoder is mounted on the printing plate roller of the printing assembly structure, and the rotary encoder drives the printing plate roller to rotate synchronously by the servo motor through the synchronous belt. The printing plate roller and the drawing roller and the rotary encoder are synchronously driven by the connecting gears. A servo motor is mounted on the wall of the paper feeding section, and a pull-down paper roll and a pull-up paper roll are driven by synchronous belts and gears. The other synchronous belt is connected with the drive friction wheel set, and another set is connected at the bottom of the friction wheel set. Servomotors are connected to a ball screw through a coupling and the axial position of the ball screw is defined by a fixed bearing.

Sealing Tape

We supply many kinds of sealing tape, like BOPP/OPP sealing tape, Double Sided Tape, Kraft Tape , Stationery Tape, Masking Tape , etc. A pressure-adhesive tape is mainly used for closing or sealing carton boxes, gluing and fixing. In present,  as an indispensable packing material, Packing Tape is widely used in various industries, like transpotation, consumer, general manufacturing, etc. Carton and Box Sealing Tape has many different size, as sealing tape manufactures could make customs packing tape.

Sealing Tape

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