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For a long time, brand packaging designers and even brand owners have discovered that most consumers immediately engage in purchasing decisions when facing products. In today's oversupplying competitive market, consumers have plenty of choices when faced with products. The US Wall Street Journal pointed out in the article “Consumer Product Showcase” that consumers can choose more than 100,000 products in supermarkets. , To be popular among consumers in the overwhelming brand, marketing tactics have to be improved.

In terms of access, it is bound to face more competition conditions in order to compete for limited retail counters. For example, if a manufacturer goes on shelves 7-11, it must pay a huge amount of on-site fees, and other strong supermarkets or warehousing companies do the same. Sales of good department stores such as Sogo Zhongxiao Shop are hard to find.

The purpose of making a debut on the route and competing with the people and horses on the ground is nothing more than an easy-to-show position. Products have the opportunity to lose sight of their faces. If there are attractive packages, they will certainly attract consumers' attention. Therefore, they must pay more attention to 5P in marketing 4P, that is, the influence of packages.

How to make the product appear on the display when the product is displayed, so that consumers can recognize it at a glance and then try to purchase it, showing the importance of product packaging design. However, when we look closely at supermarkets, almost all product packaging designs are stereotyped, with the same shape, size, and color, we can't see unique product packaging designs.

Any 3D animator will tell you that the product should stand out and it must make the product look different. Such as Toblerone triangle chocolate packaging, Heineken green wine bottle, bottled Coca-Cola, these international famous brands overthrow the general packaging rules, creating a lofty position. However, when some successful brands innovate in packaging design, it is through discussion among marketing staff that they can stand out from the opposition.

Why in the consumer product market, innovation is considered a necessary strategy, but it is actually rejected by marketing people. The main reason is that marketing people are risk avoiders and only pursue short-term benefits. Therefore, there are many new products and new packaging designs in the early stages of conception. The marketing staff are deeply afraid that consumers will doubt any new things and are not confident about buying them. As most conservative consumers combine marketing managers, they are reluctant to try out some innovative products, so that the consumer product market and the automotive industry are full of "me-too" products, product line extensions, and a few product-changing products.

In fact, in addition to conservative consumers, there are still innovative consumers on the market. They are reluctant to use new ideas and breakthrough products. Unfortunately, most companies are still conservative.

A survey conducted by the Charter Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom several years ago found that 33% of respondents believe that innovation can create strategic competitive advantages for companies, but 42% of respondents agree that their corporate culture does not encourage innovation. The above research results show that there is still a long way to go before the innovation process has yet to deepen its corporate culture.

When the triangular chocolate was introduced in 1908, it was considered as difficult and risky as the original proposal for burrowing in the middle of mints 40 years ago, but its reputation for innovation and style has been recognized so far. Companies that dare to innovate often enjoy the growth of jump-type performance.


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