Book binding decoration methods and processing quality problems (on)

There are many ways of binding books, and different binding methods are suitable for different books. The decoration process of books is also varied. Regardless of the binding process, a series of quality problems arise. This question analyzes the problems that arise.

Book binding decoration methods and quality problems

1 books commonly used binding method

Currently there are 6 kinds of book binding methods commonly used.

(1) Saddle stitching. The book page relies only on two wire nails, and the wire is easy to rust, so the fastness is poor. It is suitable for books below 6 sheets.

(2) Set flat. Due to the rust of the wire, the pages of the book are loose and are rarely used. In addition, the flat book must occupy a certain width of the mouth, so that the book page can only be "not completely open" form, the book is too thick, it is not easy to read, generally applies to 400 pages of books and magazines.

(3) Set the sewing thread. Also known as threading and binding, although the book block is relatively firm, due to the higher ordering on the back of the book, the flatness is poor.

(4) Wireless glue binding. Also called gumback, glue binding. Due to its good flatness, a large number of books and magazines currently use this type of binding. However, because the quality of hot-melt adhesives does not have corresponding industry standards or national standards, the method of use is still not standardized, so the quality of glue-bonded books has not yet reached a satisfactory level.

(5) Spool adhesive back setting. It is also called sewing glue and binding. When binding, each signature is first locked and re-glued. When the glue is applied, it is no longer milled back. This book binding method is strong and smooth, and there are many books currently using this method.

(6) Hot-strapped plastic wire. This is a relatively advanced binding method, which is characterized by the fact that the signature in the book block is pasted twice, and the first bonding function is to bind the plastic line foot and the signature paper so that the pages in the signature can be fixed. The second bonding is the binding of the bookbinding core of the plastic line by the wireless adhesive binding into the book block. This method sets the book block to be very firm, and because it does not need to mill the back, it reduces the bad glue to the binding quality. Impact. The hot-spotting of plastic lines was introduced into China by Germany (former East Germany) as early as the mid-1970s. It has not been promoted and applied in the Mainland due to various reasons. However, in other countries in the world, this kind of binding technology is used more often.

2. Common quality problems in bookbinding

When publishers receive large quantities of books for storage, the quality problems often found in paperback books are roughly the following.

(1) The cover of the book is skewed, such as if the cover is not cut properly, or the cover is cemented, the back of the book is skewed.

(2) Le mouth folded, Le mouth and book block is not the same.

(3) Due to the problem of cutting knife, the bottom several books have been misplaced, resulting in different sizes of finished books, some cutting too small, and obvious cuts.

(4) The finished surface of the book is untidy. The sizing on the finished book's back is too thick, even spilling over the cover or spine, affecting the appearance of books; white or light-colored covers with dirt, and even visible grease and finger prints.

(5) Book back folds and cover warpage.

(6) The back of the book is broken.

(7) Detackification caused by loose bonding between the cover and the book block.

(8) The text version is skewed, and the error of the screen layout exceeds the allowable error.

(9) The problem of loose pages and dropped pages due to the loose binding of the internal document pages is the most frequently occurring problem in adhesive bonding.

(10) Incorrect texts, inverted quotes, and missed prints on the back.

(to be continued)

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