Key measures and evaluation indicators for the recycling economy in the packaging industry (4)

Product evaluation index system

In the same way, the indexing requirements have also been expanded to the following

1. toxic free and safe

(1) Whether the reduction rate of toxic components in packaged products is within the specified range (2) The reduction rate of harmful components that may be transferred to the contents in packaging materials

2. Reduction

(1) Reduction rate of raw material consumption for one-pack packaging products (2) Reduction rate of auxiliary material consumption for one-package packaging products (3) Reduction rate of consumption of energy, public resources, and chemical substances for packaging wastes during cleaning and drying

3. Recyclable

(1) The rate of increase in recycling of packaged products (2) The rate of increase in recycling of packaged products
(3) Improvement rate of recycling and recycling of packaged products (4) Applicability improvement rate of packaging waste washing, drying, and reuse (5) Improvement rate of fuel heat energy recovered when packaging waste is incinerated

4. Easy to handle

(1) Improvement rate of self-degradation of packaging waste in the short term

(2) Packaged waste can implement classification recovery reliability increase rate

The evaluation index of the efficiency of circular economy is applied After the evaluation of the production process and products, the benefit evaluation is also needed.

1. Whether the functional performance meets the original technical requirements of the product, and the performance evaluation must be conducted under the premise of fully satisfying the functional performance requirements of the product.

2. Resources and environmental benefits After implementing circular economy, social benefits and resource and environmental benefits brought about by reduction of pollutants and reduction of resources and energy consumption

3. Economic benefits After the implementation of circular economy, whether the production cost declines brings about economic benefits.

If there are only resource and environmental benefits, but the production cost is increased, then it is called marginal benefit, and the implementation of cleaner production and recycling economy programs should also be improved. The aim of the circular economy should be the existing resources and environmental benefits, as well as the economy. The full benefits of benefits.

Source: Packing News

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