RFID Radio provides you with an automatic identification scheme

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), often referred to as RFID, uses radio waves to automatically identify and track items.

At present, RFID technology has been applied to many fields. In these applications, RFID tags are implemented as small microchips that receive a radio wave interrogation signal and send a unique ID identification coded signal in response. Most RFID tags do not require a battery and use radio wave signals. Energy can respond.

The Electronic Product Code (EPC), the only digital code provided by the Global Electronic Code Center (EPC Global) for global standards, can be applied to each physical item in the supply chain process (Logistics Unit, Carton, Pallet Box, Retail Commodity, etc.) It mainly includes three aspects of the logo: factory tag, product tag and serial number. EPCs can be integrated into RFID tags and embedded in packages as labels to become "smart packaging." These tags can be identified by invisible systems, query inventory in real time, increase distribution speed, protect brand image, and trace back expired products.

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The APPLIED Intelligence team established by MARKEN can provide users with online product integration solutions for epc identification. RFID technology has certain advantages over conventional bar code identification in carton and pallet packaging on the supply chain. Its characteristic is that it uses wireless invisible automatic identification, which allows multiple tags to be read at the same time at one time, with higher traceability and ability to Better control of product flow throughout the cycle. RFID tags can be used in conjunction with barcodes and can also be used alone.

The focus of the Marken Application Smart Workgroup is to provide solutions to help manufacturers meet the requirements of RFID and EPC. The goal is to provide the equipment, consumables, software and services required to produce EPC global labels and RFID tags. Marken's integrated RFID solution can provide unique EPC global mark, EPC global to local production code distribution, manage and sort print operations, print and paste EPC RFID tags on cartons or pallets.

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