Education and Training of Industry in E Times (Part Two)

The printing industry technology research center is the center of domestic printing knowledge diffusion. In the process of handling education and training, it has undergone detailed planning and management. The methods are as follows:

1. Conduct a survey and analysis of the talent demand in the printing industry (questionnaire survey) to understand the needs of the industry.

2. Organize seminars on production, official, and academic programs in the printing industry to strengthen the training performance and curriculum practice.

3. Handle a training meeting for talent training courses so that the curriculum can be practically adjusted in response to needs.

4. Draft a talent training development strategy and formulate training principles for talents.

5. To hold a presentation of the results of the technical personnel in the printing industry, which has made the industry well-known and facilitated the business promotion.

The Printing Research Center has implemented a decade of industry-wide teaching and training work. Its implementation methods and solutions to problems are as follows:

1. Industrial distribution situation - The training classroom location is far from the industry in the area south of Hsinchu, and the solution strategies and methods are as follows:

(1) According to the conditions and needs of the individual case, the center will send a lecturer and go to the factory to handle the class.

(2) Selection of teaching classrooms and internship locations in Central and Southern Districts for regional training courses.

(3) Special training courses (such as laws or regulations), commissioned or co-organized with relevant government academic research units.

2. Production operations of the industry - due to employees' need to work in rotation, time differences and participation in training affect productivity, solutions and strategies:

(1) Start class training to avoid the production season in the industry.

(2) Increase the number of teaching training classrooms and expand opportunities for evening training.

3. It is not easy for technical teachers to recruit and solve strategies and methods:

(1) The technical courses are carried out in stages. Each stage is divided into pedagogic unit courses.

(2) To conduct training courses for teachers of printing technology for the existing senior technical training personnel in the printing industry to have opportunities for teaching and learning.

(3) Nurturing our center as a lecturer.

4. The degree of trainees is different. Although the enrollment target has been clearly defined at the time of enrollment, the level of trainees is also different, and the solution strategies and methods are as follows:

(1) Execute the quizzes prior to the advanced technical training course to better master the degree of advanced students.

(2) Based on the pre-test principles and indicators, the test is objective and specific.

(3) In the lecturer, the assistant teacher strengthens the guidance of the students in order to facilitate the smooth progress of classes.

Future education and training are implemented in three ways:

1. Pre-press graphic integration: Adopting a series of preliminary, advanced and applied courses to enable students to understand the pre-press graphic and text integrated operating system, and also to design investment courses for pre-press equipment evaluation and future development. , And adopt practical operations, students can be proficient in software functions in the short term, to save time with the computer to create high-quality works.

Second, the printing of professional and technical courses: emphasizing the correct printing and the establishment of relevant operating concepts, through the case study, students have technical exchanges and experience exchanges, and comprehensively improve the printing operation technology and printing quality.

Third, the printing business management training courses: For the printing business managers, as the company's future decision-makers, need to accept new information, new ideas and new technologies, in order to enable companies to have a niche for sustainable development.

The competitiveness of the 21st century is determined by the learning ability. Only companies that attach great importance to talent can survive in a fast-changing environment, and only companies that continuously carry out education and training can create their own stage in a fiercely competitive era. Let companies have a niche for sustainable development.

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